Podcast: The Minecraft Book | About The Project

In late January KoPoint will launch a series series of eBooks. The first, The Minecraft Book, evolved from an early KoPoint podcast about the game Minecraft. 


The Minecraft Book Podcast | About the Project


Part 1 of 3: In which co-authors Doc and Dan catch us up on the state of the project, and how the KoPoint Minecraft Project evolved to become The Minecraft Book.

Note: This episode was originally recorded as a Google+ video Hangout

About the Book:

The Minecraft Book is an accessible and fun 70-page guide for players of Minecraft. The Minecraft Book was written and edited by W. Doc Stodden and Dan Patterson, and will be available in mid-January from KoPoint. Howdy, and welcome to our Minecraft blog! As we prepare The Minecraft Book, we use this site to post book info & updates, as well as cool Minecraft-related links.

What is The Minecraft Book?

The Minecraft Book is a great entry-level resource for all players of the Mojang game Minecraft.

Who is this book for?

Though the book is written with new players in mind, it’s our hope that our guide can be a resource for all players.

Who are the authors?

The Minecraft Book was written and edited by fans of the game. Much of the prose was composed by Mr. W. Doc Stodden. Dan Patterson contributed to the prose, copy edits, and formatting. The book is published in conjunction with KoPoint. The authors can be reached by visiting our Ask page.

How can I purchase the book?

The Minecraft Book will soon be available through our own website, as well as through Amazon, Google Play, the Nook Store, and Apple’s iBooks.

Why should I pay you a buck for The Minecraft Book?

We think that a dollar is a very reasonable price to ask in exchange for a guide that will surely enhance both your skill and appreciation of this great game!

When will the book be released?

Soon! Probably late-January 2013. We’re putting the final touches on the prose. From there we edit, then format, then distribute.

Learn more about Minecraft.

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AFK On Air, EP 4 – Geek Gift Giveaway, Part 1

AFK On Air, EP 4 – Geek Gift Giveaway, Part 1


“We don’t know our families at all!”
“Welcome to the holidays.” 

Let the AFK On Air co-hosts be your geeky gift gurus this year! We
discuss pudding wrestling, how to nail a hand made holiday card, gifts
gone wrong, how to recognize the dulcet tones of disappointment, and
when to tell someone they’ve given you a dud. Is gift
giving genetic? We believe you CAN be TAUGHT!

Listen to this special holiday episode for rules and guidelines for
our AFK On Air giveaways, and send us your entries by Midnight THIS

SATURDAY, Dec 8th! Winners will be announced on Tuesday, Dec 11th,
amidst gift giving advice! submit your tough gift quandaries and we
will discuss as we give away Christmas Tree Ornaments, geek chic
jewelry, and other type sundries!

Beware, gratuitous puns ahead!

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Video: Occupy Wall Street Redux

A short video clip recorded on the one-year anniversary of #OWS in NYC’s Zuccotti Park.

From American Conversation‘s Coverage:

Precisely, a year after the first Occupation of Wall St., the cohosts discuss the movement’s achievements and impact in that short time. George Martinez, a hip-hop and OWS electoral candidate shares his views on the movement that is building. One year is a short time, and the show concludes with an attempt to answer some questions. OWS: has it been a success? It is a failure? Will it be around next September?