Beer Diplomacy 112 – Bonus Edition | A Stretching Exercise

Beer Diplomacy 112 – Bonus Edition – A Stretching Exercise

Stuart Tracte

An unscheduled, somewhat impromptu episode this week, with KoPoint family members Marc Lizoain of Urtak & Dan Patterson of KoPoint. We briefly discuss the inauguration, gun control, Lance Armstrong, and #Teoing. It was great to get back in the studio with Dan & Marc, and although short, you can surely feel the energy and excitement to get back to it!

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Beer Diplomacy, EP 111 – Year In Review (Call Me)

Beer Diplomacy, EP 111 – Year In Review (Call Me)

Happy Holidays! This week, for a bonus episode of Beer Diplomacy, host Stuart Tracte and guests Mark Lizoain of Urtak and Dan Patterson of none other than KoPoint recap their most memorable moments of 2012. Topics include some of the top news, music, television, and pop culture stories of the year. The show wraps up by asking the question, “are you better off at the end of 2012 than you were at the beginning?”

Well? What do you think? Tell us in the comments below, and by participating in our Urtak poll: Are You Better Off This Year Than Last Year?

Music in this episode is provided as context and commentary, and used for non-commercial purposes.

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American Conversation, EP 12 – Debates Matter

Two weeks ago, many commentators asked the question, “Do the presidential debates matter?” After the President’s disappointing showing, and Governor Romney’s subsequent resurrection in the polls, no one is asking that question any more. In this episode, Dan Patterson and Marc Lizoain provide an immediate reaction to the Vice Presidential debate. The Biden vs Ryan spectacle was surprisingly entertaining, as Vice President Biden provided more comic relief than perhaps he intended. Did this debate change the race? Listen in, and enjoy Dan Patterson’s malarkey and Marc Lizoain’s usual bunch o’ stuff.

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American Conversation, EP 10 – Polling the Horserace

In this episode, recorded from the roof of the KoPoint studio in downtown Manhattan, co-hosts Dan Patterson and Marc Lizoain can’t contain their excitement about the upcoming presidential debates, the rebranding of Mr. Romney, and Mr. Obama’s recent gaffes.

Is Obama winning? Does Romney still have a chance? Why did our audio get cut off in the last thirty seconds of the episode? How can we even answer these questions? With the help of opinion polls! And that’s why Dan and Marc spend the bulk of the show talking about polls, how they work, what they mean, and whether you should trust them. Election Day is six weeks away…

Data and Image: Doc Stodden

This week’s news:

Thoughts on polling:

Urtak, of course, is a quick and sticky polling platform specifically designed to produce rapid fire answers to topical questions.

American Converation: Polls on the Roof

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In which KoPoint’s American Conversation travels to Washington, D.C. KoPoint’s Dan Patterson, TRNS Congressional Correspondent Justin Duckham, and friend-of-KoPoint / defense analyst Chris Poirier (opinions are his own, of course) sip coffee in the sun just off of Capitol Hill and talk protests, the economy, and the campaign.

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