Conversational Passport: An Interview with App.Net Founder Dalton Caldwell

In which I discuss social platforms and technology culture with entrepreneur Dalton Caldwell.

Originally from El Paso, Texas, Dalton cut his tech teeth by building streaming networking imeem. At imeem Dalton experienced great success, and tremendous setbacks. At it’s peak, imeem had close to 30 million users. After years of legal battles, the company folded in to Myspace.

Dalton was discouraged, but learned how to adapt in Silicone Valley. In addition to being a passionate evangelist  for transparent business, Dalton is the founder of App.Net, a developer and community-focused social platform. After observing Twitter’s shift from a developer model to an advertising model, Dalton launched App.Net as a for-pay platform. Today, App.Net supports a vibrant community, and more closely resembles a social app ecosystem than a Twitter clone.

In this interview, recorded initially as a Google+ Hangout video, Dalton and I discuss his evolution as a technologist and business owner, and dive deeply in to his feelings about the current state of the social web.

Learn more about App.Net.

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Interview with Maciej Ceglowski of

Interview with Maciej Ceglowski of

Maciej Ceglowski is the founder of, an “anti-social” bookmarking site. As the social web evolves, some trends mature past the initial commodified service value to become strong cottage industries. A for-pay service inspired by the original, takes a holistic approach to personal data tracking. The service integrates smoothly with the contemporary web of indie apps, and excels at truly frictionless clickstream cacheing.

Dan talks with Caciej about the vision behind a truly personal, counter-social service.

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Ken Segall Keeps it Simple | Win the Room

Ken Segall Keeps it Simple | Win the Room

Kelly Hadous

Recorded live at KoPoint

Ken Segall Keeps it Simple:  Ken shares how win your room with simplicity.

Bio From
My story is a simple one. I’m a writer who worked at ad agencies with high standards, then met a client with absurdly high standards: Steve Jobs. From ‘Think Different’ to iMac and beyond, I found that Steve’s love of simplicity was at the core of Apple’s every success…

Kelly: Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work closely with Steve Jobs or name a product so brilliantly that it’s etched forever in the pages of history. Well I was, and that’s why I had to bring my dear friend Ken Segall on WTR radio.

Ken Segall worked closely with Steve Jobs at Apple. Ken is that guy we can thank for coming up with the name iMac, and the rest my friends is naming history. That cute little “i” became the foundation for naming all the other Apple products that followed.

We also chat about marketing ideas, and Ken says just “be yourself” I love it! How many times in a day do we worry and agonize about how we’re perceived, but if we just get out of our own way, then magic starts to happen!

Ken talks to moi at KoPoint, about his behind closed meetings with Steve Jobs and shares some awesome insights on his marketing strategies in Insanely Simple.

Finally, Scoopertino, Ken’s blog about all things sardonic in the unreal apple world is a hoot to say the least, and it always causes quite a stir not only for apple lovers, but the entire produce section.

I just adore Ken and I know you will too!

Share your comments, they’re always appreciated.

– Kelly and WTR team!

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Beer Diplomacy, EP 116 – Yogurt

Beer Diplomacy, EP 116 – Yogurt

Stuart Tracte

Recorded on February 25, 2013 at KoPoint Studios in NYC

This week, Stuart welcomes back the crew from the infamous [EP33] Bros Tasing Bros for some more fun and interesting conversation.  Patrice Callender & Ron J Williams join for a fun and light hearted discussion about The Oscars, The C-Word, The N-Word, and The G-Word.  This panel is a tight group and you can tell that from the friendly and comfortable banter.  Give it a listen.  We know you’ll enjoy it as much as we did recording it.

As always, big thanks to Dan Patterson for engineering & thoughtful input throughout the show.

This week’s topics can be found at

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