Santorum to Take Tennessee!

ABC News calls Tennessee for Rick Santorum and the Santorum campaign can add another notch to their belt for Super Tuesday.  With Oklahoma already in the bag, Tennessee adds more delegates and makes the race in Ohio more and more interesting.  Ohio is still too close to call, so keep an eye on it as it will come down to the wire later tonight.

Full details on Tennessee can be found at ABC here.

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Santorum Poised to Take Oklahoma

Though early on in the evening, the Washington Post is calling Oklahoma for Rick Santorum.  Making the evening more and more interesting, every candidate except for Ron Paul has at least one state under their belt.  Oklahoma was deemed by the Santorum campaign as their “official home for Super Tuesday” and it looks like the work has paid off.  All eyes now turn to Ohio for the race to watch.

Check out the Washington Post here for details on Oklahoma.

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Romney Easily Takes Massachusetts

Not that it comes as any surprise, but Romney is expected to sail to an easy win in his current home of Massachusetts.  Barely putting up a fight, nearly the entire rest of the field are expected to have minimal impacts on the voting here.

Details with the AP here.

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