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Host: PW Fenton

About the Show: Human stories articulated as an audio variety show that’s pleasing to both the mind and spirit. Sometimes makes you laugh, sometimes makes you cry, but always makes you listen. Episodes can be about almost anything, and are always sound rich experiences. Sometimes profound… rarely profane.

KoPoint’s First Annual Halloween Spooktacular!

Happy Halloween!

Editor’s note:
This episode was recorded by myself, Dan Patterson, and Dan Andrlik, and lovingly edited by Quentin Lewis and Dan Andrlik. The shownotes were composed by Mr. Andrlik. The three of us have been friends since the early-1990’s and we’ve worked on many personal creative projects together. This episode was another great collaboration between old friends. We recorded this episode a week prior to Halloween. Due to Hurricane Sandy, electricity and internet access in New York City have been rare commodities. Dan and Quentin fearlessly (yeah, pun intended) jumped in to action, learned to edit audio on the fly, and cut this beautiful episode sans my editorial or technical input. I couldn’t be more grateful of their work or proud of their creation! – DHP


We’re starting an annual tradition here at KoPoint to celebrate this most spooky of holidays. One of the best parts of this season is gathering together to tell scary stories and share the creepy things that make our skin crawl. This year, KoPoint invited archaeologist Quentin Lewis, resident storyteller Daniel Andrlik, and our own Dan Patterson to talk about our favorite scary stories, and what they mean to us.

We start off discussing one of our favorite horror writers, Howard Phillips Lovecraft, then broaden our discussion to horror in media and fiction. Along the way we discuss the stories that matter to us, the link between scary stories and urban myth, as well as our favorite Halloween traditions.

We would love to hear about your favorite scary stories, your favorite scary movies, and all about your personal Halloween traditions. Share them with us in the comments below, or use the hashtag #spooktacular on your social media site of choice.

Topics of discussion

Intro: About Halloween

Segment One: H.P. Lovecraft (but of course!)

H.P. Lovecraft short stories as recorded by Quentin Lewis:

Segment Two: Horror in Fiction

Segment Three: Traditions