Santorum Takes Louisiana

With only a little over 5% reporting, news agencies have already called it a night in Louisiana and given their thumbs up to Rick Santorum.  Basically breaking down directly along the lines as projected (43 to 28 points) Rick Santorum takes another victory in the south, however still gives up a hand full of delegates to challenger Mitt Romney.  With things going back and forth and Mitt Romney still not having a good showing in the south, the core conservatives continue to push away from Romney.  However, Romney’s campaign remains strong, asserting that they will have the needed delegates by convention.

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Romney Projected to Take Illinois

And it’s an early night for Rick Santorum as Fox News, CNN, AP, and many others project that Mitt Romney will take home the prize tonight.  With early voting showing strong support for Romney, it is possible Romney will finish the night out with over 50% of the vote in Illinois.  Though there was plenty of talk prior to this contest, it is still unclear who, if any candidates will now bow out of the race or continue on.

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Romney Wins Hawaii Caucus

Out of the three major events for March 13, 2012 Mitt Romney picks up a win in Hawaii’s presidential caucus and a fist full of delegates pledged to go with it.  Though losing both contests in Alabama and Mississippi to Rick Santorum, this victory keeps Romney’s overall delegate count for the evening ahead of the surging Santorum.  Overall there is a fairly significant delegate gap as well, however the momentum continues to swing towards the middle of the candidates more so than to any specific side.  Many thought today would bring the announcement of a candidate dropping out, however no movement has been seen on any side.

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Santorum Takes Alabama and Mississippi

It was a long night in the south land last night and Rick Santorum blew the doors off Alabama and Mississippi and took home a few trophies to prove it.  However, it was not the knock out punch Santorum was looking for with Mitt Romney taking home just a handful more delegates after he himself won Hawaii.  Though, this continues to show that southern voters seem to be hesitant to throw support behind Romney and is beginning to put Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich on ice.

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..And We’re Under Way in Alabama

Vote counting is under way in Alabama and this one promises to be a close one.  Many are calling this the race to watch as things appear to be close between Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum.  Exit polls are currently showing this to be close as well, so pop some popcorn and throw on some PJs cause this is going to be a long night.

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