The New KoPoint | Season Two

KoPoint makes podcasts about businesspoliticscomic bookstechnology, and zombies.

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Our goal is to improve the emotional connection between you and the content you consume. Time spent listening is more important that clicks on a website.

Welcome to KoPoint Season Two. The new KoPoint website is live, and new programs are broadcasting now. The new KoPoint website makes listening to our shows and subscribing to our podcast very simple. To emphasize simplicity and speed, the front end of KoPoint is hosted on and built around Tumblr. Our back end data is managed by Rackspace and served by a variety of CDNs (depending on your physical location).

The website experience (eg, kopoint dot com) is important. The website serves as a handshake introduction, a distribution hub, and a community portal. More important, however, is that the website help guide you towards developing an off-screen experience.

At it’s heart, KoPoint is a content company produced by humans. Yes, our studio shows do pop, hiss, and crackle. KoPoint has always been a fun and messy company. It is my sincere hope that KoPoint becomes something you listen to, relax with, and experience in your mind’s eye. In the past year, KoPoint has produced over a hundred full-length episodes, traveled with the presidential campaign, covered Comic Con, and interviewed thought leaders like Steve Wozniak. We’ve served several hundred thousand downloads and millions of minutes listened. Our sponsors and underwriters include some of the tech world’s most sophisticated start-ups.

The new season of KoPoint content features a fantastic slate of shows focused on business, technology, and culture created by talented hosts and producers:

Thank you very much for listening. I encourage and look forward to hearing from you, and I hope you enjoy our shows.

– Dan Patterson

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Dan Patterson | KoPoint Founding Editor

I’m the founding editor of KoPoint. I’m also a broadcast journalist, technologist, and zombie apocalypse survivalist.


Marc Lizoain | Co-Host, American Conversation

Born and raised in Toronto. Cofounder of Urtak. Interests: politics, sports, film, conversation, world peace.


CC Chapman | Host, Managing the Gray

Writer / Photographer / Traveler / Speaker. Let me help you tell your story. New book Amazing Things Will Happen hits shelves this winter.


Julien Smith | Host, In Over Your Head

NYT bestselling co-author of Trust Agents, Impact Equation and Flinch. The lovechild of Tony Hawk and Topher Grace.


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