Louisiana GOP Primary Results Tracking

With at least an average of a 13 point lead over his opponents today in Louisiana, Rick Santorum is sitting pretty to take the state.  However, Mitt Romney is also floating above the magic 25% mark, which will deliver him a few delegates as well.  Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich on the other hand are facing another defeat and no additional delegates to show for it.

Keep track of the primary results here at Politico later this evening.

Santorum Still Leads Louisiana Despite Gaffe

Even after opening his mouth as wide as he could to insert his foot, Rick Santorum is still projected to take tomorrow’s Louisiana primary by at least 13 points when all is said and done.  Mitt Romney will easily secure second place and a few delegates, while Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul continue to be nothing more than present.

Full details here at FiveThirtyEight.

Illinois Turning Into Another Solid Showing for Romney

One day closer to the primary event in Illinois tomorrow, however updated polling shows challenger Mitt Romney running off with the lead yet again.  The difference between the two latest polls showed Romney with a 9 point lead advancing into a 15 point lead over night.  Though different polling organizations, the overall average of polls taken since June of this year, give Romney at least a 8.5 point lead over Santorum.  With Gingrich and Paul taking up the rear of the pack and trading blows for a potentially close last place position.  Either way, the crowd at the top appears to be getting more thin as each primary contest passes.

Check out the numbers for your self here at RealClearPolitics.

Showdown Slated for Illinois Primary

Many outlets are reporting that Illinois is the new battleground for candidates to stay in or get out and will be played out this coming Tuesday.  However, many polling outlets still show Mitt Romney as having the edge in this race by nearly eight points.  Though Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich have had luck mobilizing their base quickly.  (However, it is unlikely Newt offers much in Illinois.)  If anything is still true at this point, Rick Santorum continues to only be injured by the presence of Newt and Ron in this race.

To see the full breakdown in advance of Illinois going to the polls, check out the details here at FiveThirtyEight.

Puerto Rico Primary Today!

In case you may have missed it, Puerto Rico is up today in the GOP Primary contest and will feature another battle between Romney, Gingrich, Paul, and Santorum.  Current numbers favor Mitt Romney, however minimal polling data has been available in this contest.  Even though the mainstream media has already moved on with the candidates to cover the contests coming up this Tuesday, Puerto Rico puts up another 20 delegates for candidates to grab a hold of.  As each candidate continues to slog it out, every delegate is going to count.

Check out the full story on the Reuters wire here and follow results from the primary here at CNN.