Beer Diplomacy, EP 116 – Yogurt

Beer Diplomacy, EP 116 – Yogurt

Stuart Tracte

Recorded on February 25, 2013 at KoPoint Studios in NYC

This week, Stuart welcomes back the crew from the infamous [EP33] Bros Tasing Bros for some more fun and interesting conversation.  Patrice Callender & Ron J Williams join for a fun and light hearted discussion about The Oscars, The C-Word, The N-Word, and The G-Word.  This panel is a tight group and you can tell that from the friendly and comfortable banter.  Give it a listen.  We know you’ll enjoy it as much as we did recording it.

As always, big thanks to Dan Patterson for engineering & thoughtful input throughout the show.

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AFK On Air, EP 7 – LARPing

AFK On Air, EP 7 – LARPing

“If you hear clanking that’s my boob armor.”

Diving deeper into the world of gaming after last episode’s discussion of “Old School Gaming” (a.k.a. board games and tabletop role playing games), now AfkOnAir bravely ventures into the realm of Live Action Role Play, with resident expert (and cohost) Michele Reznick. What exactly IS L.A.R.P.? What kinds of games, characters, and rules govern the varied world of LARPing? And can a relationship between a LARPer and non-LARPer survive? And what on earth (or Middle Earth) is….LARP sex?!

“They’re the burning sword of internet karma.”

New Segment this week: Top Five! Discussions of Benedict Cumberbatch and Sherlock Season 3, The Indiana Jones journal mystery solved, Cosplay interview scandals, hacker supergroup Anonymous taking on the Westboro Baptist Church, and….bluetooth gloves that let you make calls by making the phone sign with your hands.

Last but not least, or Fan Girl Flail this week: Apocalypse Cool: Why are we so in love with our bloody end?

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TECHNICAL NOTE: Recording live video and audio is fun. And a challenge! You’ll notice a second take around four minutes in to this episode.  While I’m constantly striving to improve the live experience, technical hiccups are kind of interesting and always humanizing, so I left this in during the edit.  – DHP

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American Conversation, EP 9 – The Melodies Of Occupy Wall Street

In this episode Dan and Marc return to #Occupy Wall Street and the scene of their first collaboration: Lower Manhattan’s famous Zuccotti Park (or Liberty Square, depending which side you’re on). Precisely a year after the first Occupation of Wall St., the cohosts discuss the movement’s achievements and impact in that short time. George Martinez, a hip-hop and OWS electoral candidate shares his views on the movement that is building. One year is a short time, and the show concludes with an attempt to answer some questions. OWS: has it been a success? It is a failure? Will it be around next September? Listen, and find out!

Highlights from this episode:

Photo snapshots from #OWS

media summaryof last year’s #OWS in NYC

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Interview: Navy Spouse at the DNC – Downsizing the Military

This afternoon I had the opportunity to speak with Jennifer Beasley, the spouse of a Navy officer recently ‘downsized.’ According to Mrs. Beasley, her husband – a sailor and 12-year veteran of the Navy – was recently released from his contract not for poor performance, but as part of a larger cost-cutting initiative. Mrs. Beasley said that the downsizing negated most of his service history and benefits.

The story was first reported by the Navy Times, and was recently popularized by Lisa Wexler, a Metro New York-based talk radio host. Mrs. Wexler recently wrote for The Huffington Post:

What is happening is that close to 3,000 enlisted men and women are being downsized from the navy. That’s right — downsized. Not fired due to performance, or transferred to another station. They have been given their walking papers in the middle of their stints and told to find something else to do. Go find another house, another job, another health plan. That’s the thanks they get for signing on the dotted line, volunteering to sacrifice their lives for our country. That’s the thanks they get for loaning their spouses out for months at a time, on duty that takes them away from the first day of kindergarten, birthdays, holidays and the day the dog died.

According to Mrs. Wexler, Mrs. Beasley and her husband are one of over three thousand military families affected by the downsizing. The families have recently established a Facebook page to filed inquiries.

At press time the office of the Navy was unavailable for comment.