Managing the Gray 119 – Grounded

Managing the Gray 119 – Grounded

CC Chapman

Last week, a travel writer was kicked off a United Airlines flight for taking a photo of his seat. Beyond the dumb decision this was by the flight crew, it got me thinking about how there are still so many people who haven’t realized we live in an always on society.

Each of us is now a publisher. We have the power to create any media we want and publish it to the world in our pockets at all times and we all need to be more aware of this.

Combine this story with renewed buzz around Google Glass and the evolving face of journalism with sites like Bold Edition, Quartz and Narratively gaining traction and no one can not pay attention to this shift.

Listen to the podcast to hear my thoughts on this world we now live in, that far too many brands and organizations have not yet embraced.

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Amazing Detroit | Managing the Gray

In which host CC Chapman kicks off the book tour for Amazing Things Will Happen in Detroit, Michigan.

I was in Detroit kicking off the book tour for Amazing Things Will Happen and found myself inspired to share some thoughts on the city.

This is a city that I’m quickly falling in love with the energy and vibe of.

While it may be kicked and down at the moment, there are so many people determined to pick it back up and make it better than ever. Plus, there is a strong sense of social good and helping the community on top of making a profit that you don’t hear about often enough other places.

The audio quality on this is going to be not as good as usual. I’m testing out a new iPhone app called bossjock studio which allows me to record full podcasts while on the road. Next time I’ll plug in an external microphone to make it sound even better.

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Advanced Look: KoPoint Season Three

kopoint_logo_transparent_smallestKoPoint Season Three will officially begin on Monday, February 11th. Show production is already underway.

KoPoint programs are rolled together in tightly packaged ‘seasons’ (1, 2). Each season features a handful of carefully crafted shows. Hosts gather on weeknights at the KoPoint studio and record structured conversations as episodes. Episodes from each program are rolled weekdays on the primary KoPoint site and feed.

Time between seasons is spent examining and improving content, tweaking website and distribution platforms, negotiating with underwriting partners, and testing future projects.

Season Three will feature our strongest slate of programs to date:

We’ll also continue to exclusively syndicate several stellar programs:

Several shows will emerge as the season progresses, a zombie storytelling show, a travel program, a yet-to-be titled storytelling show featuring members of the NYC stand-up comedy community, and AFK On Air.

KoPoint Season Three is our second year as a podcast content company. The first year was spent learning how to create and package great content. During our second year, in an effort to emphasize quality over quantity, KoPoint will refine both our content and web presence.

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Podcast: Managing the Gray | Inauguration Inspiration

Managing the Gray | Inauguration Inspiration

CC Chapman

Politics are the last thing that usually inspire me to record a podcast, but today that is exactly what made me fire up the microphone and hit record.

But, this isn’t a rant fueled political episode. Instead I wanted to encourage people to find the issues that they are passionate about and fight for them. It is our duty to be educated on what is going on around us and be vocal about anything we believe in.

I mentioned my recent post about the foreign aid and how it wasn’t until I learned more about it that I became vocal about it.

It is equally important also, to respect other’s beliefs and opinions and not pick a fight every time you see someone who doesn’t line up exactly like you do.

The show ends with my encouragement for you to check out all the great audio being published over at KoPoint [Thanks, CC!]. This show is just one of many different shows there and I’m proud to be part of such a progressive media network.

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Managing the Gray | The Importance of Friends

The Importance of Friends | Managing the Gray

CC Chapman

Friendships are some of the most important things in the world to me.

This past week I had a few friends over to the house and it reminded me how important it is to have friends that will be honest, constructive and challenging all at the same time.

After reading the latest from AJ Leon, I was inspired to record this.

If you have never heard the friends vs. Friends podcast from 2007 I referenced, give it a listen.

Thank you to all my friends out there. You make my world a better place.

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