Conversational Passport: An Interview with App.Net Founder Dalton Caldwell

In which I discuss social platforms and technology culture with entrepreneur Dalton Caldwell.

Originally from El Paso, Texas, Dalton cut his tech teeth by building streaming networking imeem. At imeem Dalton experienced great success, and tremendous setbacks. At it’s peak, imeem had close to 30 million users. After years of legal battles, the company folded in to Myspace.

Dalton was discouraged, but learned how to adapt in Silicone Valley. In addition to being a passionate evangelist  for transparent business, Dalton is the founder of App.Net, a developer and community-focused social platform. After observing Twitter’s shift from a developer model to an advertising model, Dalton launched App.Net as a for-pay platform. Today, App.Net supports a vibrant community, and more closely resembles a social app ecosystem than a Twitter clone.

In this interview, recorded initially as a Google+ Hangout video, Dalton and I discuss his evolution as a technologist and business owner, and dive deeply in to his feelings about the current state of the social web.

Learn more about App.Net.

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RSS is dead! Long live RSS! An Interview with The Old Reader

RSS is dead! Long live RSS!

This interview was recorded the week after Google announced the death of beloved feed parsing app, Google Reader. The headlines regarding Reader’s demise  have been predictably and wonderfully hyperbolic.

Elena Bulygina and Anton Tolchanov, two of the three co-founders of The Old Reader, help us make sense of a post-Google Reader world.

Props to @ChazFrench for his help in understanding the true power of the old Google reader.

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Interview with Maciej Ceglowski of

Interview with Maciej Ceglowski of

Maciej Ceglowski is the founder of, an “anti-social” bookmarking site. As the social web evolves, some trends mature past the initial commodified service value to become strong cottage industries. A for-pay service inspired by the original, takes a holistic approach to personal data tracking. The service integrates smoothly with the contemporary web of indie apps, and excels at truly frictionless clickstream cacheing.

Dan talks with Caciej about the vision behind a truly personal, counter-social service.

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KoPoint Conversations

KoPoint podcasts will return Monday, April 29th! I’m excited to release the first non-commercial series KoPoint episodes. Spring shows will focus on simple structured conversations with interesting people.

In the can and ready for a final mix are interviews with a few tech and media innovators:

These episodes will be released on Mondays and Fridays for the next several weeks. After a short break in late-May, KoPoint will resume show production with The Murdoc Jones Show, Beer Diplomacy, Win the Room, and The Comic Book Podcast. We’ll also introduce a new travel show mini-season called The Landing Strip Show.

Structured conversations and interviews with interesting characters will be KoPoint’s focus through the summer. Starting in May, I’ll be joined by SumAll‘s Hoyd Breton for discussions with technology and startup innovators. In May, Hoyd and I will interview the smart folks behind Fuzzco‘s Defense and Maimery zombie gear, as well as Sean Howe, author of Marvel Comics: The Untold Story.

This past March I was hired as a data journalist by, the non-commercial arm of, a New York data science startup and KoPoint’s studio host and sponsor. Working for allows me to to work with the team that initially sponsored KoPoint and focus on great content, rather than business development. Creating podcasts non-commercially removes KoPoint’s commercial constraints and allows us to push our ambitions to reach new and exciting creative goals.

On a personal note, I’ve never been more excited than I am now about the potential of KoPoint content.

As always, stay tuned!


The Murdoc Jones Show, EP 6 – Carl Blake Invents Pigs

The Murdoc Jones Show, EP 6 – Carl Blake Invents Pigs


Our first by phone guest, Carl Blake of Rustik Rooster Farms. Giddy up kids, as we head to the farm. Carl runs Rustik Rooster Farms and is re-inventing the pig. That’s right – he reinvented a PIG. In an effort to rid the world of confinement and genetically modified awfulness – Carl is a backwoods, redneck computer genius turned heritage pig farmer. Learn How to break your neck in 3 places and almost die – only to rehab yourself with tomato farming, Also learn how to: survive an attack from a Russian Boar named Atlas, how the man has modified your meat, that hydroponics is not just for weed, and a special note the for the Ladies… How to attract famous pig farmers.

Carl is a fantastic dude, and we’re not the only ones who think so. He is appearing on the Colbert Report (link coming when the episode airs) and The New York Times thinks he’s pretty cool as well.

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