Hacking Explained: Jack Rice and Dan Patterson on Progressive AM 950

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Jack and Dan discuss a brief history of hacking, explain how the NSA captured personal user data from major internet providers, and provide a few essential security tips for the web and mobile on Minnesota’s progressive talk station, AM 950.

Learn more about about the NSA from expert James Bamford, and security from host Steve Gibson.

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Stendhal Syndrome | Digital Flotsam

Stendhal Syndrome | Digital Flotsam

PW Fenton

Another of the “Lost Episodes”. Originally published a couple of years ago it was taken off line because of rights issues. Now it’s back, with new music, and it’s better than ever.

You will hear…

The classical music of Giacomo Puccini is featured most, and one aria “O mio babbino caro” most of all. Hard to recommend one particular recording.

Statue Got Me High” by They Might Be Giants

Tourist” by Jacob, from the CD “Just A Tourist Here

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Podcast: A History of Christmas by Quentin Lewis

A History of Christmas | Quentin Lewis

In which anthropologist and friend of KoPoint, Quentin Lewis, tells us about the history of Christmas:

Merry Christmas all! Today I present—Quentin’s Quick History of Christmas. This podcast is a bit different from my usual fare, and it’s longer, but hopefully entertaining.

A few shownotes:

All of this information comes from Steve Nissenbaum’s amazing, Pulitzer nominated “The Battle for Christmas”, one of the best pieces of social and cultural history I have ever read.

Much of the music came from the various recordings of Nowell Sing We Clear, whose records you can buy at Golden Hind Music.

I’ve also included clips from A Charlie Brown Christmas, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Family Ties, Twas the Night Before Christmas by Rankin/Bass, and:

Carl Dellinger’s recitation of the Cherryville Shooter’s Chant

Elton John’s recitation of “A Visit from St. Nickolas”

and the following Clips from Archive.org:

A Few Christmas Songs

Christmas Melody

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Pipe Dreams | Digital Flotsam

Pipe Dreams | Digital Flotsam

Consummate storyteller PW Fenton nostalgically rewinds to the sex, drugs, and rocknroll of his youth in the 1960s. Or, at least the sex and rocknroll…

“Pipe Dreams is the true story of a breakthrough of sorts in my early efforts to get “high” on marijuana. It’s the story of failure and success and failure.

The picture you see above was taken of me at the very time this episode takes place. In fact…. the door you see behind me (yes that’s me) belongs to our friend Peter, mentioned in the show.”

There was some great music in this episode. Roughly in order of first appearance:

“Digital Flotsam Theme” by 3 Blind Mice
“I Wish I Was Stoned” by Stoat
“Rinel Rilke” by Santare
“Boody Call” by Antonin Bastian
“Aguamala” by Carne Cruda
“What! Not Anther Greasy Spoon” by Hank Marr
Movie clip from obscure late 30s movie.
“Sly Bone” by Larry Seyer
“Too Stoned” by The Undercover Hippy
Tiny excerpt from “In C” by Terry Riley

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Podcast: An Introduction to the Game of GO

An Introduction to the Game of GO

Doc Stodden and Dan Patterson for KoPoint.

GO: “Two minutes to learn; a lifetime to master.”

In which Doc and Dan discuss the basic history, mechanics, and proverbs of the ancient game of GO.

GO – wéiqí – has been played for generations with black and white stones on a 19 x 19 grid. For almost five thousand years, the rules and proverbs of GO have remained nigh-unchanged, yet the tactics are still evolving.

GO teaches logic, patience, and humility. For these reasons, the game has been played and studied for generations by emperors, generals, monks, and academics.

In this episode, our hosts explain the origins and mechanics of the game, and help us get started with the basics.

Learn More About GO:
– Read about the history of GO
– Download a comprehensive guide to GO
– Study GO proverbs

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The First Proverb of GO: A One-Stone Jump Is Never Bad.

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