Santorum Eyes Pennsylvania Victory

Just as much as Mitt Romney is in position to sweep Wisconsin off it’s feet for a victory on Tuesday, Rick Santorum is in position to take his old stomping grounds of Pennsylvania.  Once again the two candidates will fight it out on a Tuesday night of early 2012 spring and come up with matching victories.  However, as like past contests, Romney is positioned to take the most delegates.

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Romney Positioned to Take Wisconsin

Though it probably comes as little surprise at this point in that game, but Mitt Romney is positioned with a current seven point lead in Wisconsin and it is highly unlikely he will give it up in the next 24 hours.  After a slew of endorsements and Rick Santorum stepping on his own feet more often than not, the race seems to be moving in Mitt Romney’s direction for a change.  However, current numbers show Santorum with strong numbers in Pennsylvania, so tomorrow’s primaries do not harbor a clean victory as Romney would hope.

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Santorum Takes Louisiana

With only a little over 5% reporting, news agencies have already called it a night in Louisiana and given their thumbs up to Rick Santorum.  Basically breaking down directly along the lines as projected (43 to 28 points) Rick Santorum takes another victory in the south, however still gives up a hand full of delegates to challenger Mitt Romney.  With things going back and forth and Mitt Romney still not having a good showing in the south, the core conservatives continue to push away from Romney.  However, Romney’s campaign remains strong, asserting that they will have the needed delegates by convention.

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Louisiana GOP Primary Results Tracking

With at least an average of a 13 point lead over his opponents today in Louisiana, Rick Santorum is sitting pretty to take the state.  However, Mitt Romney is also floating above the magic 25% mark, which will deliver him a few delegates as well.  Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich on the other hand are facing another defeat and no additional delegates to show for it.

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Santorum Still Leads Louisiana Despite Gaffe

Even after opening his mouth as wide as he could to insert his foot, Rick Santorum is still projected to take tomorrow’s Louisiana primary by at least 13 points when all is said and done.  Mitt Romney will easily secure second place and a few delegates, while Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul continue to be nothing more than present.

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