Illinois Turning Into Another Solid Showing for Romney

One day closer to the primary event in Illinois tomorrow, however updated polling shows challenger Mitt Romney running off with the lead yet again.  The difference between the two latest polls showed Romney with a 9 point lead advancing into a 15 point lead over night.  Though different polling organizations, the overall average of polls taken since June of this year, give Romney at least a 8.5 point lead over Santorum.  With Gingrich and Paul taking up the rear of the pack and trading blows for a potentially close last place position.  Either way, the crowd at the top appears to be getting more thin as each primary contest passes.

Check out the numbers for your self here at RealClearPolitics.

Santorum Takes Alabama and Mississippi

It was a long night in the south land last night and Rick Santorum blew the doors off Alabama and Mississippi and took home a few trophies to prove it.  However, it was not the knock out punch Santorum was looking for with Mitt Romney taking home just a handful more delegates after he himself won Hawaii.  Though, this continues to show that southern voters seem to be hesitant to throw support behind Romney and is beginning to put Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich on ice.

Check out the full story here at CNN.

(Photo Credit: Ed Suba Jr.)

Counting Begins In Mississippi

Like Alabama this are off to a slow start in Mississippi in reporting results.  However, Mitt Romney is polling well in most exits and is expecting a victory here.  Like most contests today, this could go deep into the evening, however we’re all throwing darts and consulting our crystal balls trying to gain a more clear picture.   

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..And We’re Under Way in Alabama

Vote counting is under way in Alabama and this one promises to be a close one.  Many are calling this the race to watch as things appear to be close between Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum.  Exit polls are currently showing this to be close as well, so pop some popcorn and throw on some PJs cause this is going to be a long night.

Keep up with the results here at Google Politics.

March 13, 2012 GOP Primary/Caucus Results Tracking

Today marks what many GOP candidates are calling a “do or die” primary/caucus vote.  With two major southern states up for grabs, Alabama and Mississippi, many believe after today there will be only two candidates left standing, if not possibly three.  As we all know, every candidate has refused to drop out of the race so far, so we’ll see what happens as the night goes on.

And, for the hardcore Democrat, you can also track caucus results from Utah.  Enjoy.

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