RSS is dead! Long live RSS! An Interview with The Old Reader

RSS is dead! Long live RSS!

This interview was recorded the week after Google announced the death of beloved feed parsing app, Google Reader. The headlines regarding Reader’s demise  have been predictably and wonderfully hyperbolic.

Elena Bulygina and Anton Tolchanov, two of the three co-founders of The Old Reader, help us make sense of a post-Google Reader world.

Props to @ChazFrench for his help in understanding the true power of the old Google reader.

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Podcast: The Minecraft Book | About The Project

In late January KoPoint will launch a series series of eBooks. The first, The Minecraft Book, evolved from an early KoPoint podcast about the game Minecraft. 


The Minecraft Book Podcast | About the Project


Part 1 of 3: In which co-authors Doc and Dan catch us up on the state of the project, and how the KoPoint Minecraft Project evolved to become The Minecraft Book.

Note: This episode was originally recorded as a Google+ video Hangout

About the Book:

The Minecraft Book is an accessible and fun 70-page guide for players of Minecraft. The Minecraft Book was written and edited by W. Doc Stodden and Dan Patterson, and will be available in mid-January from KoPoint. Howdy, and welcome to our Minecraft blog! As we prepare The Minecraft Book, we use this site to post book info & updates, as well as cool Minecraft-related links.

What is The Minecraft Book?

The Minecraft Book is a great entry-level resource for all players of the Mojang game Minecraft.

Who is this book for?

Though the book is written with new players in mind, it’s our hope that our guide can be a resource for all players.

Who are the authors?

The Minecraft Book was written and edited by fans of the game. Much of the prose was composed by Mr. W. Doc Stodden. Dan Patterson contributed to the prose, copy edits, and formatting. The book is published in conjunction with KoPoint. The authors can be reached by visiting our Ask page.

How can I purchase the book?

The Minecraft Book will soon be available through our own website, as well as through Amazon, Google Play, the Nook Store, and Apple’s iBooks.

Why should I pay you a buck for The Minecraft Book?

We think that a dollar is a very reasonable price to ask in exchange for a guide that will surely enhance both your skill and appreciation of this great game!

When will the book be released?

Soon! Probably late-January 2013. We’re putting the final touches on the prose. From there we edit, then format, then distribute.

Learn more about Minecraft.

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KoPoint Election Coverage

KoPoint will a host live broadcast election coverage event on Tuesday, November 6th. Our broadcast will begin on around 5pm ET. The event will be hosted on Google+ and streamed as a Hangout.

Production on the election show is underway:

We’ll begin our coverage with a short American Convesration podcast episode.  As the evening progresses, we’ll weave our own in-studio commentary with YouTube music video and campaign video playlists. Via Hangouts we’ll connect with the community, our friends, and partners. Please feel free to contribute your favorite political clips and music videos, and dial-in to the election event page for more details.

We have some cool partners:

Audio will be streamed through the Hangout, and post-facto edited to an election summary podcast. Video will be minimal but fun. We plan to feed our Hangout video with shots from a few web cams in the KoPoint studio.

KoPoint election coverage is underwritten by the fine folks at:

  • SumAll – (studio and gear underwriting, ongoing) Analytics for humans.
  • Bonfyre – (content sponsor, upcoming) Prviate social sharing.
  • MediaGuage (content sponsor, upcoming) – How listeners are consuming media, right now.

On a personal note, I’m really excited and nervous about this event. The prospect of building and running a live election production is very exciting. In terms of the live production itself, I fully anticipate this to be a fun, informative, and DIY-experiment full of bugs and gaffes. I thrive in a live production environment, bu I’m nervous about the prospect of managing live video, smart conversation, and live bodies in-house. The bonus is that these are also the ingredients necessary for a cool event.

I’ve had a blast podcasting from trail this year with the folks at Talk Radio News, Marc Lizoain, and Charles Hope. I’m far from a campaign veteran, but I’ve been covering politics and campaigns using broadcast and social media tools through a few cycles. Relative to the New York City media environment, broadcasting from the KoPoint studio is a small event. The social web is far more mature than during the ’08 campaign, and generations beyond Creepy Sleepy’s proto-podcast reports from the 2004 campaign. But for our gang of commentators and killer community, this should be a great and fun event.

Ping us any time in the comments below or via email if you have any witty questions, critiques, or ideas.

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Dan Patterson

The presidential election is just a few short days away. The final presidential debate will define the tone of the final mad dash to Election Day.

Join +KoPoint for the penultimate campaign chat and live video Hangout on Monday, October 22nd at 9pm ET.


Official website:

So during tonight’s debate we’ll run a live chat right here ( and on the mobile via +Bonfyre at We’ll also run a casual hangout (as to not distract anyone from actually watching the debate) on this page.

As soon as the debate concludes we’ll toggle to a new Hangout On-Air with a few folks live from the +KoPoint studio and a few guests. We’ll publish that link to this page.

Thanks again for subscribing and my sincere apologies for bombing your inbox earlier this week (Sending invite = Gmail inbox clutter. Do’h!). 

Take care, all – see you tonight!


Keeping in line with our fine tradition of hilarious commentary, join us live here on Google Plus for a chit-chat during the second presidential debate!

KoPoint will moderate and stream a live discussion on debate night from our cozy NYC-based studio.

Ping +Dan Patterson if you’re in NYC and would like to watch the debate live with us from our Soho studio.