Podcast: The Minecraft Book | About The Project

In late January KoPoint will launch a series series of eBooks. The first, The Minecraft Book, evolved from an early KoPoint podcast about the game Minecraft. 


The Minecraft Book Podcast | About the Project


Part 1 of 3: In which co-authors Doc and Dan catch us up on the state of the project, and how the KoPoint Minecraft Project evolved to become The Minecraft Book.

Note: This episode was originally recorded as a Google+ video Hangout

About the Book:

The Minecraft Book is an accessible and fun 70-page guide for players of Minecraft. The Minecraft Book was written and edited by W. Doc Stodden and Dan Patterson, and will be available in mid-January from KoPoint. Howdy, and welcome to our Minecraft blog! As we prepare The Minecraft Book, we use this site to post book info & updates, as well as cool Minecraft-related links.

What is The Minecraft Book?

The Minecraft Book is a great entry-level resource for all players of the Mojang game Minecraft.

Who is this book for?

Though the book is written with new players in mind, it’s our hope that our guide can be a resource for all players.

Who are the authors?

The Minecraft Book was written and edited by fans of the game. Much of the prose was composed by Mr. W. Doc Stodden. Dan Patterson contributed to the prose, copy edits, and formatting. The book is published in conjunction with KoPoint. The authors can be reached by visiting our Ask page.

How can I purchase the book?

The Minecraft Book will soon be available through our own website, as well as through Amazon, Google Play, the Nook Store, and Apple’s iBooks.

Why should I pay you a buck for The Minecraft Book?

We think that a dollar is a very reasonable price to ask in exchange for a guide that will surely enhance both your skill and appreciation of this great game!

When will the book be released?

Soon! Probably late-January 2013. We’re putting the final touches on the prose. From there we edit, then format, then distribute.

Learn more about Minecraft.

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Podcast: An Introduction to the Game of GO

An Introduction to the Game of GO

Doc Stodden and Dan Patterson for KoPoint.

GO: “Two minutes to learn; a lifetime to master.”

In which Doc and Dan discuss the basic history, mechanics, and proverbs of the ancient game of GO.

GO – wéiqí – has been played for generations with black and white stones on a 19 x 19 grid. For almost five thousand years, the rules and proverbs of GO have remained nigh-unchanged, yet the tactics are still evolving.

GO teaches logic, patience, and humility. For these reasons, the game has been played and studied for generations by emperors, generals, monks, and academics.

In this episode, our hosts explain the origins and mechanics of the game, and help us get started with the basics.

Learn More About GO:
– Read about the history of GO
– Download a comprehensive guide to GO
– Study GO proverbs

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The First Proverb of GO: A One-Stone Jump Is Never Bad.

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AFK On Air, EP 06 – Old School Gaming

AFK On Air, EP 06 – Old School Gaming

It’s the end of the giveaway extravaganza as the winners of the AFK On Air giveaways are revealed before this week’s Fan Girl Flailing over the possible secret trailer of Metal Gear Solid V.

Listen to this crash course episode with the AFK On Air hosts rediscovering their love of classic board games and card games. We talk about how pop culture has made its mark on classic board games like Monopoly, Clue and Risk. We answer tons of questions such as: What is Magic the Gathering and how do you play it? There are board games based on books? What is a tabletop RPG game? Have you ever played Cards Against Humanity? Who remembers Pogs?

Let us expose you to some fun off beat games you may have never heard of, and some you totally have!

“You gotta touch ‘em.” – Stacey Brooke on old school gaming.

Fan Girl Flail: The Phantom Pain or Metal Gear Solid V
Urban Dictionary: Ovary Explosion
Tesla Haiku Elephant Reference
Go (the Game)
Hikaru No Go (manga involving GO)
Tamagachi Wiki
Y-gi-oh (card game)
Pokemon (card Game)
Cards Against Humanity
Dungeons and Dragons
Shark Attack commercial
Pretty Pretty Princess Commercial

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KoPoint Comics, EP 009 – Web Comics and Intervention Con

This week, Dan Patterson and Jon Lazar are joined in studio by Onezumi Hartstein and James Harknell, the founders of Intervention Con. They share some Star Wars memories to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the release of this historic movie then discuss the history of Intervention Con and what will be happening in Maryland this September.

This week’s Kickers:

Download Audio: KoPoint Comics, EP 009 – Intervention Con

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A Conversation on Games and MMOs – KoPoint Games

To commemorate this week’s release of Blizzard’s Diablo III KoPoint presents a re-release of this lengthy structured conversation on games and MMOs recorded in Fall of 2011 with Stuart Tracte, Josh Wolff, and Dan Patterson.

From the original post:

A structured conversation on gaming and MMO’s

Podcaster Stuart Tracte and web designer Josh Wolff share a unique history: though both only recently met IRL, both have logged thousands of hours – literally hundreds of  days – inside World of Warcraft, the world’s most successful MMO.

Gaming, historically relegated to social realms populated by computer geeks and creative nerds, is now undeniably mainstream. The critical and financial success of social games like the recently released Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Skyrim further validate the medium.

Speculation on the alleged addictive nature of MMOs has been a persistent media narrative for years, and the games are undoubtedly designed to be sticky. World of Warcraft, published byBlizzard Entertainment, currently claims north of ten million subscribers, each paying a 15-dollar-per-month fee. Blizzard, in an effort to sell the idea of community and address allegations of MMO addiction recently funded The Raid, a documentary that chronicles the lives of a Guild (a group), in-game and extra-game. The 2010 documentary Gamers, while short and simplistic, does a good job of breaking down the mechanics and culture of MMOs.

Stwo, Wolff, and I (with a special cameo by @JoshSternberg) discuss the history of console and PC games before jumping in to a lengthy discussion about the mechanics of WoW. We wrap the conversation with a few deeply personal stories of their individual time spent in-game.

Download Audio: A Conversation on Games and MMOs – KoPoint Games