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Tech news and geek culture meets geopolitics, this week on The Report! As our talented and lovely co-host Gina Smith of A New Domain jets off to Switzerland, The Reoprt is joined again this week by stalwart contributor Loren Feldman of 1938 News, as well as developer and KoPoint Comics co-host Jon Lazar.

Our stories this week:

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Podcast: The Report with Loren Feldman

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We wish newly-minted PhD and The Report co-host Gina Smith well as she takes a much-deserved week off. The Report is joined by comrade Loren Feldman of 1938 News.

This week’s discussion stories:

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The Report: Tech New and Geek Culture, EP 008 – Feldman on Facebook

In this episode of The Report, Loren Feldman joins Dan Patterson in KoPoint‘s Manhattan studio to talk about the fallout from the Facebook IPO, Larry Ellison and the humorous Google / Oracle spat, and the nature of the ‘Flame’ malware.

Download Audio: The Report: Tech New and Geek Culture, EP 008 – Feldman on Facebook

The KoPoint News experiment continues. This week KoPointe News co-hosts Marc Lizoain and Dan Patterson are joined from Washington, D.C. by Talk Radio News congressional correspondent Justin Duckham, and from Boston Bold Edition Editor Clarence Smith.

This week we launched our live implimentation of a soundboard. The soundboard is a traditional piece of radio gear and is the software metaphor for traditional Carts. The soundboard helps us fire off sound effects, beds, and sweepers.  While there were a few audible bugs in this episode we’re pretty confident that our new tool will help tighten up each KoPoint show over time. Thanks for bearing with us!

Stories shared on our community subreddit  by KoPoint contributors:

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