Interview: Illustrator David Lloyd at NYC Comic Con

Illustrator David Lloyd at NYC Comic Con 2013

For Hazarai

Illustrator David Lloyd talks with Hazarai at NYC Comic Con 2013 about the ideological origins of his classic V For Vendetta, devising the iconic Guy Fawkes mask, and his ongoing anthology of great stories, Aces Weekly.

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Interviews Live From NYC Comic Con 2012 – KoPoint Comics, EP 16

Yes, Loyal Listeners, the spectacular KoPoint Comic Book Show podcast attended and reported from this year’s New York Comic Con. The KoPoint comic book team – including Jeff Newelt (in absentia), Jon Lazar, Megan Sass, Michele Reznik, and myself – buzzed the floor at booth 507 with our friends Hazarai and recorded a number of stellar interviews with comic book industry creators, publishers, and professionals.

We asked each comic book guest three questions:

  • What’s the most important collectable in your collection, and why?
  • What book or graphic novel would you recommend to someone new to the medium?
  • What cool projects are you working on right now?

Hazarai will soon publish individual audio and video clips from New York Comic Con. During the Con chaos, over the weekend I edited and processed the best of our interviews. These short clips are gathered together here in one epic episode.

Hope you dig the show.

Dan Patterson

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0:00:00 Open – KoPoint Sounder
0:00:03 Intro – KoPoint Comic Book Show
0:00:05 Bed – ‘Prey’ (Full)
0:00:07 Show Intro – Dan Patterson
0:04:18 Interview – Seth Kushner – Dan Patterson
0:10:20 Interview – Astro-Cons – Megan Sass
0:15:39 Interview – Natalie Zutter – Jon Lazar
0:21:50 Interview – Matt Hawkins – Dan Patterson
0:34:17 Pod Prod – KoPoint House
0:34:24 Interview – Ben McCool – Jon Lazar
0:43:05 Interview – David Lloyd, Antonino Bifulco – Dan Patterson
0:56:16 Interview – JT Waldman – Jon Lazar
1:04:41 Pod Prod – KoPoint House
1:04:05 Interview – Kagan McLeod – Michele Reznik
1:10:04 Interview – Lauren Panepinto – Dan Patterson
1:18:20 Interview – Jennifer Hayden – Jon Lazar
1:24:30 Interview – Danny Fingeroth – Megan Sass, Jon Lazar
1:38:20 Interview – David Hine – Jon Lazar
1:45:20 Interview – Cory Doctorow – Dan Patterson
1:56:29 Interview – Wayne Goldblatt – Dan Patterson, Jon Lazar
2:03:05 Outro – KoPoint Sounder