Occupy Legacy: George Martinez on How the Protest Should Move Forward

A conversation about what the #Occupy movement means today, and what it needs to do to survive.

There’s a hint of nostalgia in crisp September air. As the fall leaves show the first signs age, police, who far outnumber a few singing and chanting protesters, form a continuous ring around lower-Manhattan’s Zuccotti park. Today, #S17, is the second anniversary of events that inspired a season of protest across the country.

Today’s gathering at Zuccotti park was a demographic cross-section of previous years. The morning hours included a smattering of college-age protesters, neo-hippies, musicians, gutter-punks, and union organizers marching between various downtown protests. The General Assembly, a semi-regular meeting conducted as a unified chorus of synchronized shouts, was smaller than previous years, but is still a great spectacle and example of organizational ingenuity. The protests were no more rowdy than in the past, and the police I spoke with all agreed that in spite of a few arrests earlier in the week most demonstrators remained peaceful.

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The Murdoc Jones Show, EP 6 – Carl Blake Invents Pigs

The Murdoc Jones Show, EP 6 – Carl Blake Invents Pigs


Our first by phone guest, Carl Blake of Rustik Rooster Farms. Giddy up kids, as we head to the farm. Carl runs Rustik Rooster Farms and is re-inventing the pig. That’s right – he reinvented a PIG. In an effort to rid the world of confinement and genetically modified awfulness – Carl is a backwoods, redneck computer genius turned heritage pig farmer. Learn How to break your neck in 3 places and almost die – only to rehab yourself with tomato farming, Also learn how to: survive an attack from a Russian Boar named Atlas, how the man has modified your meat, that hydroponics is not just for weed, and a special note the for the Ladies… How to attract famous pig farmers.

Carl is a fantastic dude, and we’re not the only ones who think so. He is appearing on the Colbert Report (link coming when the episode airs) and The New York Times thinks he’s pretty cool as well.

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Beer Diplomacy, EP 118 – Title of Episode

Beer Diplomacy, EP 118 – Title of Episode

Recorded on March 11, 2013 at KoPoint Studios in NYC.

The first foursome at KoPoint Studios, featuring Ty Francis, Alison Leiby, host Stuart Tracte, & Jackie “The Jokeman” Martling! Topics include the caloric value of a mouse click, the Bloomberg soda ban, the North Korean nuclear threat, gun ownership & the appropriateness of comedy. We spent time hearing some great anecdotes from Jackie and just had an all-around good time.

Thanks to Dan Patterson & Sum All for engineering & hosting the show, respectively.

This week’s topics can be found here.

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Beer Diplomacy, EP 116 – Yogurt

Beer Diplomacy, EP 116 – Yogurt

Stuart Tracte

Recorded on February 25, 2013 at KoPoint Studios in NYC

This week, Stuart welcomes back the crew from the infamous [EP33] Bros Tasing Bros for some more fun and interesting conversation.  Patrice Callender & Ron J Williams join for a fun and light hearted discussion about The Oscars, The C-Word, The N-Word, and The G-Word.  This panel is a tight group and you can tell that from the friendly and comfortable banter.  Give it a listen.  We know you’ll enjoy it as much as we did recording it.

As always, big thanks to Dan Patterson for engineering & thoughtful input throughout the show.

This week’s topics can be found at http://bit.ly/BD116Topics

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AFK On Air, EP 8 – Cosplay in America

AFK On Air, EP 8 – Cosplay in America

Early in AFK On Air season 1, we talked about cosplay as hobby, creative expression, and art form. But while co-hosts Lindsay Johnson and Lauren Panepinto discussed what it’s like to make costumes and get photographed, what about hearing from the other side of the lens?


Lindsay and Natalie Zutter met up with cosplay photographer Ejen Chuang at Kinokuniya, a fun Japanese bookstore in Manhattan’s Bryant Park. Ejen was in town for a photo exhibition sponsored by the Otaku Anime Society at Kean University promoting his book Cosplay In America. Hours before a meet-up with new friends who would show him around NYC for the day, Ejen met up with us to chat about the long road to the book.

He started the Cosplay In America project in 2009, after he had rejoined the cosplay scene as a photographer. The photographs are compiled over the course of several years and countless conventions, big to small, all across America. Ejen was gracious and funny, answering a bevy of cosplay questions including…

What was it about photographing cosplay that inspired you to self-publish your book?
Do you have a preference for bigger, flashier cons or smaller, more intimate ones?
Do you run into the same cosplayers at multiple cons?

What makes an unforgettable cosplay photo?

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