Santorum Eyes Pennsylvania Victory

Just as much as Mitt Romney is in position to sweep Wisconsin off it’s feet for a victory on Tuesday, Rick Santorum is in position to take his old stomping grounds of Pennsylvania.  Once again the two candidates will fight it out on a Tuesday night of early 2012 spring and come up with matching victories.  However, as like past contests, Romney is positioned to take the most delegates.

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Romney Positioned to Take Wisconsin

Though it probably comes as little surprise at this point in that game, but Mitt Romney is positioned with a current seven point lead in Wisconsin and it is highly unlikely he will give it up in the next 24 hours.  After a slew of endorsements and Rick Santorum stepping on his own feet more often than not, the race seems to be moving in Mitt Romney’s direction for a change.  However, current numbers show Santorum with strong numbers in Pennsylvania, so tomorrow’s primaries do not harbor a clean victory as Romney would hope.

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Jeb Bush Endorses Romney

In what appears to be an attempt to move ahead after the primary victory in Illinois, Romney picks up an endorsement today from former Florida Governor Jeb Bush.  Though for most, this probably doesn’t come as much surprise, though it also is unlikely to provide much additional support for the Romney campaign in the long run.  Obviously an attempt at picking up more core conservatives and southern voters heading into the primary contest in Louisiana this week, only time will tell the true impact.

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Illinois Turning Into Another Solid Showing for Romney

One day closer to the primary event in Illinois tomorrow, however updated polling shows challenger Mitt Romney running off with the lead yet again.  The difference between the two latest polls showed Romney with a 9 point lead advancing into a 15 point lead over night.  Though different polling organizations, the overall average of polls taken since June of this year, give Romney at least a 8.5 point lead over Santorum.  With Gingrich and Paul taking up the rear of the pack and trading blows for a potentially close last place position.  Either way, the crowd at the top appears to be getting more thin as each primary contest passes.

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Santorum Takes Alabama and Mississippi

It was a long night in the south land last night and Rick Santorum blew the doors off Alabama and Mississippi and took home a few trophies to prove it.  However, it was not the knock out punch Santorum was looking for with Mitt Romney taking home just a handful more delegates after he himself won Hawaii.  Though, this continues to show that southern voters seem to be hesitant to throw support behind Romney and is beginning to put Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich on ice.

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