KoPoint Election 2012 Coverage

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After a long and dirty trail, the campaign ends here, with KoPoint’s live election night coverage.

This audio podcast summarizes peak moments of election coverage from the KoPoint studio in New York City.

Election night highlights include:
Live reports from Obama HQ in Chicago filed by Justin Duckham of Talk Radio News
Election day in photos with Michael Shaw of Bag News Notes
Women, Silicon Valley, and the election with Elisa Camahort Page
Broadcast media analysis from Lisa Wexler
Tech and the election with Tom Merritt and Tech News Today
A Reddit Report and an update on South Dakota politics by Josh Wolff

We were joined by our friends, colleagues in media, significant others, and the fine folks of our studio host, SumAll. Here’s a list of the KoPoint contributors  

Justin Duckham
Jon Lazar
Marc Lizoain
Tom Merritt
Dan Patterson
Joaquin Roca
Michele Reznik
Adam Sherlip
Doc Stodden
Lisa Wexler
Josh Wolff

Our team also participated in a live election night mobile Bonfyre conversation.

We take the show in and out with ‘Sail’ by AWOLNATION.

Thanks for listening.

Dan Patterson

American Conversation, EP 15 – Election Reflections

A few quick thoughts on the process of covering elections.

– Reflection on the process. Second general election, things have changed yet I am starting to hear the same messages, and starting to see how and why partisanship works.
– Personal reflection – 07 and 08 vs 2012
– I’m more centrist because real decisions are made on local level, by courts, by activist groups, and because I believe more and more in continuity of government.
– Who did I vote for? Why?
– Have we actually moved to a more parliamentary system, with a strong executive?
– Who am I? Do I matter? Yes, meta reporting; no, because everyone can do it. Also: why listen to me? Maybe because I have some experience, but I’m still bothered by the pretense.
– Does this election matter?
– The process does matter?
– Does tech matter? Yes. Tech has built tools that help democratize information dissemination.
– How do we drill down the ballot, beyond the nominee?
– Social media has matured
– Peripheral exposure to news and information has lead to saturation
– Is this good or bad? I think good because the process has become democratized. But in the process have all issues become more siloed, angry, and trivial?
– Have we learned anything? I don’t know. We’ve changed a lot.
– Have I learned anything? Yes, I’ve become humbled and more neutral.
– What is journalism? Who knows? Who cares.
– Why do I do this? Who knows.
– What does the future look like?

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KoPoint will host live broadcast election coverage event on Tuesday, November 6th. Our broadcast will begin on http://live.kopoint.com around 5pm ET. The event will be hosted on Google+ and streamed as a Hangout.

More information on the KoPoint blog: http://blog.kopoint.com/2012/11/02/kopoint-2012-election-coverage/

We’d like to treat KoPoint election coverage as a casual but structured conversation. Here’s the plan:

– We’ll be live in the studio and will roll audio on everything, all night. We’ll mix audio ‘best of’ summary podcast the next day.  
– Run a rolling Google+ Hangout / YouTube video and chat through the evening quarter-hour events. We’ll pop on during the top of the hour, at the quarter hour with +Tech News Today, at the bottom of the hour we’ll run short news updates and some political media clips, and grab on-location updates from +Geoff Holtzman and Justin Duckham of the Talk Radio News Service. 

We have some cool partners:

– We’ll also check in on broadcast radio with the +Lisa Wexler Show, a Tristate/NYC political news and talk show.

– Throughout the day KoPoint will host an Election Day mobile conversation via the +Bonfyre iOS and Android app.

In studio, I’ll be joined by +American Conversation host +Marc Lizoain  somtimes-contributor +Joaquin Roca   and a number of other folks from the+KoPoint and +SumAll families.

Audio and video will be streamed through the Hangout (found on this page,http://live.kopoint.com, and post-facto edited to an election summary podcast. Video will be minimal but fun.

We fully anticipate bot bugs and fun. Looking forward to chatting with you on Election Day!


American Conversation, EP 14 – Election Predictions

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On this Election prediction special of KoPoint’s American Conversation, the veteran campaign predictors Doc and Dan discuss their predictions for the coming election. The two covered important current topics like:

How will the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy affect the Presidential Election?

What color will the battleground states ultimately be when the dust is settled?

What is the role of Social media and the 24 hour news cycle in modern elections and what are the prospects for the future of democracy in media?

Doc’s 2012 prediction:

Doc and Dan referred to tried and true poll analysis websites electoral-vote.com and http://fivethirtyeight.blogs.nytimes.com/

Doc also noted a site that a person can use to predict the outcome of the election and see how the Electoral college will come out at http://electoralmap.net/2012/myPrediction.php.

Finally, both Doc and Dan wax nostalgic about our previous election prediction shows, the golden age of Creepy Sleepy, and why the Horse Race still matters.

Listen now to one of the best election prediction shows available by some of the most experienced election commentators in social media!

Learn more: http://americanconversation.us

A few completely unscientific polls on last night’s debate and the status of the election http://kpnt.co/unscientific_political_story and https://urtak.com/u/56550 via KoPoint’s colleague Doc Stodden. Thanks!