KoPoint Election 2012 Coverage

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After a long and dirty trail, the campaign ends here, with KoPoint’s live election night coverage.

This audio podcast summarizes peak moments of election coverage from the KoPoint studio in New York City.

Election night highlights include:
Live reports from Obama HQ in Chicago filed by Justin Duckham of Talk Radio News
Election day in photos with Michael Shaw of Bag News Notes
Women, Silicon Valley, and the election with Elisa Camahort Page
Broadcast media analysis from Lisa Wexler
Tech and the election with Tom Merritt and Tech News Today
A Reddit Report and an update on South Dakota politics by Josh Wolff

We were joined by our friends, colleagues in media, significant others, and the fine folks of our studio host, SumAll. Here’s a list of the KoPoint contributors  

Justin Duckham
Jon Lazar
Marc Lizoain
Tom Merritt
Dan Patterson
Joaquin Roca
Michele Reznik
Adam Sherlip
Doc Stodden
Lisa Wexler
Josh Wolff

Our team also participated in a live election night mobile Bonfyre conversation.

We take the show in and out with ‘Sail’ by AWOLNATION.

Thanks for listening.

Dan Patterson

American Conversation, EP 13 – Sandy and the Election

In this episode, American Conversation co-hosts Dan Patterson and Marc Lizoain are joined by organizational psychologist Joaquin Roca in storm-battered New York City. Forced to record from Brooklyn after the KoPoint studios were left without power, the three gentlemen discuss the storm, the impact of Sandy on the presidential race, what it means to be an undecided voter, and finally, the likelihood of an Obama re-election on Tuesday. Roca is sure that Obama will win, but Patterson and Lizoain are not so sure. No matter what happens, we’ll bet you $1000 that you get your money’s worth out of this episode of KoPoint’s American Conversation!

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KoPoint on iTunes: http://kpnt.co/kopoint_itunes

KoPoint will host live broadcast election coverage event on Tuesday, November 6th. Our broadcast will begin on http://live.kopoint.com around 5pm ET. The event will be hosted on Google+ and streamed as a Hangout.

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KoPoint Election Coverage

KoPoint Election Coverage

American Conversation is a political blog and podcast co-hosted by myself, Charles Hope, andMarc Lizoain. We’ll use this site to post news, podcasts, photos, and video live from theRepublican and Democratic political conventions. We hope to provide a semi-real-time flow of news updates, as well as a behind-the-scenes take on what political conventions are really like. Our reporting is in conjunction with the Talk Radio News Service, a wire service for news radio stations across the country. We’re also inviting listeners to join the campaign conversation by answering quick Urtak questions, and by sharing SoundCloud audio stories.

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