Ken Segall Keeps it Simple | Win the Room

Ken Segall Keeps it Simple | Win the Room

Kelly Hadous

Recorded live at KoPoint

Ken Segall Keeps it Simple:  Ken shares how win your room with simplicity.

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My story is a simple one. I’m a writer who worked at ad agencies with high standards, then met a client with absurdly high standards: Steve Jobs. From ‘Think Different’ to iMac and beyond, I found that Steve’s love of simplicity was at the core of Apple’s every success…

Kelly: Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work closely with Steve Jobs or name a product so brilliantly that it’s etched forever in the pages of history. Well I was, and that’s why I had to bring my dear friend Ken Segall on WTR radio.

Ken Segall worked closely with Steve Jobs at Apple. Ken is that guy we can thank for coming up with the name iMac, and the rest my friends is naming history. That cute little “i” became the foundation for naming all the other Apple products that followed.

We also chat about marketing ideas, and Ken says just “be yourself” I love it! How many times in a day do we worry and agonize about how we’re perceived, but if we just get out of our own way, then magic starts to happen!

Ken talks to moi at KoPoint, about his behind closed meetings with Steve Jobs and shares some awesome insights on his marketing strategies in Insanely Simple.

Finally, Scoopertino, Ken’s blog about all things sardonic in the unreal apple world is a hoot to say the least, and it always causes quite a stir not only for apple lovers, but the entire produce section.

I just adore Ken and I know you will too!

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– Kelly and WTR team!

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Big Apple App Guys hosts Brian Papa and Pablo Quinteros talk Apple TV from a content creator’s perspective, the new Apple Podcast app, and KoPoint’s very own Dan Patterson shares his views on early podcasting back in the day and what’s in store for the podcast space. Also, other topics include “netcasting” vs “podcasting”, in-app purchasing, Apple retail (sales associate and consumer experiences), and NFC & Passbook.

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Note: This episode was recorded live to tape. The episode was engineered and live-streamed by Dan Patterson and live social media content was produced by Valerie Corvington.