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Hosts: Marc Lizoain and Dan Patterson

About the Show: Hard news, dirty politics, and civilized propaganda: From the early presidential primaries through the conventions and election Day, KoPoint’s American Conversation is a discussion about how Americans percieve politics.

American Conversation – Election Predictions

On this Election prediction special of KoPoint’s American Conversation, the veteran campaign predictors Doc and Dan discuss their predictions for the coming election. The two covered important current topics like:

How will the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy affect the Presidential Election?

What color will the battleground states ultimately be when the dust is settled?

What is the role of Social media and the 24 hour news cycle in modern elections and what are the prospects for the future of democracy in media?

Doc’s 2012 prediction:

Doc and Dan referred to tried and true poll analysis websites and

Doc also noted a site that a person can use to predict the outcome of the election and see how the Electoral college will come out at

Finally, both Doc and Dan wax nostalgic about our previous election prediction shows, the golden age of Creepy Sleepy, and why the Horse Race still matters.

Listen now to one of the best election prediction shows available by some of the most experienced election commentators in social media!

Download Audio: American Conversation, EP 14 – Election Predictions

American Conversation, EP 12 – Debates Matter

Two weeks ago, many commentators asked the question, “Do the presidential debates matter?” After the President’s disappointing showing, and Governor Romney’s subsequent resurrection in the polls, no one is asking that question any more. In this episode, Dan Patterson and Marc Lizoain provide an immediate reaction to the Vice Presidential debate. The Biden vs Ryan spectacle was surprisingly entertaining, as Vice President Biden provided more comic relief than perhaps he intended. Did this debate change the race? Listen in, and enjoy Dan Patterson’s malarkey and Marc Lizoain’s usual bunch o’ stuff.

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American Conversation, EP 10 – Polling the Horserace

In this episode, recorded from the roof of the KoPoint studio in downtown Manhattan, co-hosts Dan Patterson and Marc Lizoain can’t contain their excitement about the upcoming presidential debates, the rebranding of Mr. Romney, and Mr. Obama’s recent gaffes.

Is Obama winning? Does Romney still have a chance? Why did our audio get cut off in the last thirty seconds of the episode? How can we even answer these questions? With the help of opinion polls! And that’s why Dan and Marc spend the bulk of the show talking about polls, how they work, what they mean, and whether you should trust them. Election Day is six weeks away…

This week’s news:
Debate Preview – The New York Times
Romney Rebranding – MSNBC
Obama’s 60 Minutes Gaffes – Washington Post

Thoughts on polling:
Obama Pulls Ahead of Romney – Politico
Battleground Poll – GWU with Politico
Romney Winning With Middle-Class – Politico
The Statistical State of the Presidential Race – FiveThirtyEight
General Election Poll of Polls – Real Clear Politics
Obama up 6 in Colorado,4 in Florida – Public Policy Polling
Urtak, of course, is a quick and sticky polling platform specifically designed to produce rapid fire answers to topical questions.

Podcast: The Melodies of #Occupy Wall Street

In this episode Dan and Marc return to #Occupy Wall Street and the scene of their first collaboration: Lower Manhattan’s famous Zuccotti Park (or Liberty Square, depending which side you’re on). Precisely, a year after the first Occupation of Wall St., the cohosts discuss the movement’s achievements and impact in that short time. George Martinez, a hip-hop and OWS electoral candidate shares his views on the movement that is building. One year is a short time, and the show concludes with an attempt to answer some questions. OWS: has it been a success? It is a failure? Will it be around next September? Listen, and find out!

Highlights from this episode:
An interview with the Honorable George Martinez recorded live in Zuccotti Park
A quick audio summary from Dan recorded earlier on the afternoon of #S17
The music, chatter, a thumping drums of #OWS
The daily #OWS organizational General Assembly call-and-response meeting

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