AFK On Air, EP 8 – Cosplay in America

AFK On Air, EP 8 – Cosplay in America

Early in AFK On Air season 1, we talked about cosplay as hobby, creative expression, and art form. But while co-hosts Lindsay Johnson and Lauren Panepinto discussed what it’s like to make costumes and get photographed, what about hearing from the other side of the lens?


Lindsay and Natalie Zutter met up with cosplay photographer Ejen Chuang at Kinokuniya, a fun Japanese bookstore in Manhattan’s Bryant Park. Ejen was in town for a photo exhibition sponsored by the Otaku Anime Society at Kean University promoting his book Cosplay In America. Hours before a meet-up with new friends who would show him around NYC for the day, Ejen met up with us to chat about the long road to the book.

He started the Cosplay In America project in 2009, after he had rejoined the cosplay scene as a photographer. The photographs are compiled over the course of several years and countless conventions, big to small, all across America. Ejen was gracious and funny, answering a bevy of cosplay questions including…

What was it about photographing cosplay that inspired you to self-publish your book?
Do you have a preference for bigger, flashier cons or smaller, more intimate ones?
Do you run into the same cosplayers at multiple cons?

What makes an unforgettable cosplay photo?

Links from the interview:

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Advanced Look: KoPoint Season Three

kopoint_logo_transparent_smallestKoPoint Season Three will officially begin on Monday, February 11th. Show production is already underway.

KoPoint programs are rolled together in tightly packaged ‘seasons’ (1, 2). Each season features a handful of carefully crafted shows. Hosts gather on weeknights at the KoPoint studio and record structured conversations as episodes. Episodes from each program are rolled weekdays on the primary KoPoint site and feed.

Time between seasons is spent examining and improving content, tweaking website and distribution platforms, negotiating with underwriting partners, and testing future projects.

Season Three will feature our strongest slate of programs to date:

We’ll also continue to exclusively syndicate several stellar programs:

Several shows will emerge as the season progresses, a zombie storytelling show, a travel program, a yet-to-be titled storytelling show featuring members of the NYC stand-up comedy community, and AFK On Air.

KoPoint Season Three is our second year as a podcast content company. The first year was spent learning how to create and package great content. During our second year, in an effort to emphasize quality over quantity, KoPoint will refine both our content and web presence.

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AFK On Air, EP 7 – LARPing

AFK On Air, EP 7 – LARPing

“If you hear clanking that’s my boob armor.”

Diving deeper into the world of gaming after last episode’s discussion of “Old School Gaming” (a.k.a. board games and tabletop role playing games), now AfkOnAir bravely ventures into the realm of Live Action Role Play, with resident expert (and cohost) Michele Reznick. What exactly IS L.A.R.P.? What kinds of games, characters, and rules govern the varied world of LARPing? And can a relationship between a LARPer and non-LARPer survive? And what on earth (or Middle Earth) is….LARP sex?!

“They’re the burning sword of internet karma.”

New Segment this week: Top Five! Discussions of Benedict Cumberbatch and Sherlock Season 3, The Indiana Jones journal mystery solved, Cosplay interview scandals, hacker supergroup Anonymous taking on the Westboro Baptist Church, and….bluetooth gloves that let you make calls by making the phone sign with your hands.

Last but not least, or Fan Girl Flail this week: Apocalypse Cool: Why are we so in love with our bloody end?

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TECHNICAL NOTE: Recording live video and audio is fun. And a challenge! You’ll notice a second take around four minutes in to this episode.  While I’m constantly striving to improve the live experience, technical hiccups are kind of interesting and always humanizing, so I left this in during the edit.  – DHP

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AFK On Air, EP 06 – Old School Gaming

AFK On Air, EP 06 – Old School Gaming

It’s the end of the giveaway extravaganza as the winners of the AFK On Air giveaways are revealed before this week’s Fan Girl Flailing over the possible secret trailer of Metal Gear Solid V.

Listen to this crash course episode with the AFK On Air hosts rediscovering their love of classic board games and card games. We talk about how pop culture has made its mark on classic board games like Monopoly, Clue and Risk. We answer tons of questions such as: What is Magic the Gathering and how do you play it? There are board games based on books? What is a tabletop RPG game? Have you ever played Cards Against Humanity? Who remembers Pogs?

Let us expose you to some fun off beat games you may have never heard of, and some you totally have!

“You gotta touch ‘em.” – Stacey Brooke on old school gaming.

Fan Girl Flail: The Phantom Pain or Metal Gear Solid V
Urban Dictionary: Ovary Explosion
Tesla Haiku Elephant Reference
Go (the Game)
Hikaru No Go (manga involving GO)
Tamagachi Wiki
Y-gi-oh (card game)
Pokemon (card Game)
Cards Against Humanity
Dungeons and Dragons
Shark Attack commercial
Pretty Pretty Princess Commercial

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AFK On Air, EP 5 – Geek Gifting, Pt 2

AFK On Air, EP 5 – Geek Gifting, Pt 2

“I like to win Christmas.” Quotes Lindsay from Parks and Recreation

Contest Update: Super Deadline Extension! Holy cow! Because of Tumblr recent downtime, we’re extending the contest until 10 a.m. EST on Thursday, December 12th to get your entries in. Remember, you have to answer the challenge on each of the prize links below!

There are two ways to do this: 1) Leave a comment in the prize’s specific Tumblr post, or 2) e-mail us at contact [at] afkonair [dot] com with your answer.

In wrapping up the art of gift giving, Stacey has prepared some themed gift guides for your inspiration this holiday season! Find guides for the Jedi, animal lover, geek bling fanatic, and more in your life on

This episode we Fan Girl Flail over the Les Mis movie, we face Michele’s biggest gifting fear as Lindsay ambushes us with gifts, we ask how Stacey’s first Xmas as a Jew is going, and check it out! we’ve extended the gift giveaway deadline! Call it the holiday spirit, or call it the technical difficulties, but get us your entries by Midnight on Wednesday night/Thursday morning! Follow us on Tumblr and reply to the item of your choosing below:

Star Wars AT-AT (Unpossible Cuts): What should the title of Star Wars: Episode VII be? ** WE NOW HAVE 4 NECKLACES! (AT-AT, Storm Trooper Helmet, Rebel Alliance logo, & Imperial logo

Iron Man Shot Glass (Coventry Decor): Send us your favorite Robert Downey, Jr. GIFs!

My Little Pony Ornament (Nerd Freakin Tastic): Who will the next Villain of Friendship be?

Arrested Development Keychain (Peachy Apricot): Caption this photo of Buster.

Zombie Gingerbread Man Ornament (My Zombie Friends): It’s the zombie apocalypse! Answer all three questions: 1) Who do you bring with you? 2) What weapon do you choose? 3) Where do you go?

Wonder Woman Jewelry (Graphic Novelties): Whose ass should Wonder Woman kick next? (Bonus points if the person in question also does not wear pants.)

Tesla “Heroes of Science” Ornament (Eavesmade): Write a Tesla-inspired haiku.

Note Happy Bows (Note Happy): Caption this photo of Aretha Franklin’s BAMF bow hat.

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