Kelly Hadous

Kelly Hadous, president of, strategic communication company, coaches people to find their swag. She places a fair amount of empha­sis on devel­op­ing the com­plete pack­age; pres­ence, value of con­tent, body lan­guage, your speak­ing and how you emo­tion­ally deliver your mes­sage must work together to con­nect with impact.
She believe that com­mu­ni­ca­tion as it stands today has tremen­dous global reach, and has never been wit­nessed like this before in our his­tory. If we all get that one chance, we ought to make it mat­ter.
Kelly is Wall Street meets Performance, she traded risk arbitrage securities and has acted throughout her life. She mentors at NYU-Poly Accelerator, has a few TEDx talks under her belt. Speaking coach for TEDx Silicon Alley. Holds two degrees from NYU. 

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