KoPoint: Hard news, dirty politics, & civilized propaganda

KoPoint is a digital news magazine based in New York City. KoPoint creates and syndicates original programs for web and broadcast media.


KoPoint regularly produces a number of original round-table news and commentary programs with a topical emphasis on technology, gaming, media, and politics. A full list of our shows can be found here. Additionally, KoPoint produces short audio reports from the United Nations and political events for broadcast news and talk radio stations.

KoPoint strives for editorial excellence. Whenever possible KoPoint will disclose it’s relationship with brands and advertisers. While we try hard to provide a great experience, we’re not perfect and we will make mistakes. From time to time you may experience editorial and technical bugs. We encourage you to let us know if you encounter a problem.
Thanks To:

About Our Name:

The term ‘KoPoint’ is derived from the game of GO, the ancient Chinese board-game. Specifically, ‘KoPoint’ refers the Rule of Ko and the translation of strategic and tactical in-game lessons to extra-game life application.


About Our Studio:

KoPoint records in a warm little room located near the top of a red-brick building on an unassuming block south of Houston Street in Manhattan. We sit around a large wood table and talk in to Rode microphones. We run our voices through an Arrakis radio console. Our sound is mildly processed by a DBX compressor/limiter, a Behringer sub-mixer, and an M-Audio interface. All of this is mixed down on a Mac tower running Adobe Soundbooth and Audition. Learn more about the history of the KoPoint Studio.



About Our Logo:

The KoPoint logos – the Logo and Title images – were created by Josh Wolff with guidance by Dan Patterson.





About Our Music:

KoPoint music is, for the most part, provided by the talented Matthew Ebel. A stalwart of the Boston and New England technology scene, Matthew has been creating exciting music for over a decade. He has succeeded in fostering a loyal audience by using social media and embracing innovative business models. KoPoint is very happy and proud to work with such a notable musician and stand-up guy. In addition to Matthew, the KoPoint Comic Book Show features the song “Pray For Me Pray” New York’s JahFurry. From time to time our programs use stock music provided by a license from SumAll.



About Our Website and Content Management System:

KoPoint.com was primarily assembled by Dan Patterson. The website is currently hosted on WordPress.com. Over the years the KoPoint team has worked with a number of CMS solutions and news publishing websites. We like and continue to use these platforms for various projects (the KoPoint Wire uses Tumblr, for example). WordPress.com – and it’s cousin WordPress.org – are powerful, vetted, and easy to use. WordPress.com offers a few features – namely publishing features, media hosting, and security – at an affordable rate.



About Our Partners:

The following partners have provided financial and non-financial assets to KoPoint. For more information please visit our Disclosures page.

Our Recording Schedule:
KoPoint records five days per week. While some elements such as music and sweepers are added in post production, we try hard to keep our conversation recordings as live as possible. We’re currently experimenting with various live streaming options. All times are ET.
  • Monday: Beer Diplomacy, 7pm
  • Tuesday: The Report, 5pm; The Big Apple App Guys, 7pm
  • Wednesday: KoPoint News, 8pm
  • Thursday: The Report, 5pm; KoPoint Games, 8pm (TK)
  • Friday: The KoPoint Minecraft Project, 10am; KoPoint Comics, 1pm
  • Weekend: Editing

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