Hacking Explained: Jack Rice and Dan Patterson on Progressive AM 950

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Jack and Dan discuss a brief history of hacking, explain how the NSA captured personal user data from major internet providers, and provide a few essential security tips for the web and mobile on Minnesota’s progressive talk station, AM 950.

Learn more about about the NSA from expert James Bamford, and security from host Steve Gibson.

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Sudan Stories: Language, Guns, & Phones – Media Training In Cairo

Originally posted on Dan Patterson:

Recorded in March 2014 as part of a media training by Small World News in Cairo, Egypt. 

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cairo_skylineFrom an ad-hoc classroom through the bustling streets of Cairo to the Pyramids of Giza, this is an audio journal of stories and  thoughts recorded while working with Small World News to train Sudanese media makers in March of 2014.

Our hotel was located down a busy, dusty ally in downtown Cairo. Each day our team scribbled on charts and whiteboards in a top-floor classroom with windows that opened to the noisy clanking of perpetual construction. For two weeks over coffee and sheesha with our Sudanese colleagues we used Android devices to review the techniques of telling stories that deeply resonate with people.

Our group was remarkable, and individually live fascinating lives in different regions of Sudan. Each day was an opportunity to learn more about family, music, language, and culture. With the help of great translators listened to personal stories, asked questions…

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Sudan Stories: The Story of N – Imprisoned and Blinded

N is from a city in Sudan. I met her during our training course in Cairo. N was a media student for two weeks and I had to opportunity to know her well. In Sudan, N has a reputation as a hard-working and warm-hearted activist. Her loud voice was heard and noted by the UN and the international community, but was largely ignored by the Sudanese government. Until she witnessed corruption and spoke too loudly.

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Sudan Stories: The Story of M – Sell a Kidney or Make Bombs

M is a Sudanese activist living in Cairo. As a young man in Sudan M was kidnapped, forced to join the military, and punished for refusing to learn bomb-making tactics. Years later M was released and built a life in Sudan. Yet he was seized again and tortured by the government. He bribed his way to freedom, sold his house, and fled to Cairo. Now he’s running out of money. M faces a choice between selling a kidney and becoming a suicide bomber.

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Interview: Illustrator David Lloyd at NYC Comic Con

Illustrator David Lloyd at NYC Comic Con 2013

For Hazarai

Illustrator David Lloyd talks with Hazarai at NYC Comic Con 2013 about the ideological origins of his classic V For Vendetta, devising the iconic Guy Fawkes mask, and his ongoing anthology of great stories, Aces Weekly.

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