Managing the Gray 119 – Grounded

Managing the Gray 119 – Grounded

CC Chapman

Last week, a travel writer was kicked off a United Airlines flight for taking a photo of his seat. Beyond the dumb decision this was by the flight crew, it got me thinking about how there are still so many people who haven’t realized we live in an always on society.

Each of us is now a publisher. We have the power to create any media we want and publish it to the world in our pockets at all times and we all need to be more aware of this.

Combine this story with renewed buzz around Google Glass and the evolving face of journalism with sites like Bold Edition, Quartz and Narratively gaining traction and no one can not pay attention to this shift.

Listen to the podcast to hear my thoughts on this world we now live in, that far too many brands and organizations have not yet embraced.

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Thanks for listening.

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