The Murdoc Jones Show, EP 4 – Moto-Journalist Buck Lovell

The Murdoc Jones Show, EP 4 – Moto-Journalist Buck Lovell

Produced by Murdoc Jones for KoPoint.

About the Show: Murdoc Jones used to be somebody: a morning drive DJ on the biggest rocknroll radio station in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota! Now, he hosts a podcast.

There are times you know when you’re around somebody with great stories. Stories from a time when ‘jail wasn’t such a big deal.’ 9:00 minutes in, this episode is worth the price of admission. Find out what jail to get locked up so you’ll get served great seafood. See how to get 52 stitches from a 1% biker gang. How to party with a bottle of Hash Oil in Yosemite. What motorcycle is the best motorcycle to start on fire during a funeral? And which Native American rituals to avoid while drunk… Buck is a great friend and a true talent. His photography is everywhere in the motorcycle industry – Read his blog and check out his fantastic photography.


Editorial Note: This episode – and the entirety of The Murdoc Jones Show – defines NSFW. Everything in this episode is, clearly, satire. Needless to say, however, the views and opinions expressed in this episode are not those of KoPoint, INC. or any of our associates. This program was recorded in South Dakota. Please forgive the accent and ignore the buffalo.

Find more great shows like this on KoPoint.

Thanks for listening.

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