Blog Post: KoPoint Revenue, Podcasts, and The Zombie Apocalypse

I’m often asked how KoPoint makes money.

KoPoint is a content and community-focused startup. While we raised a small sum of seed financing, KoPoint has always been a revenue-focused venture. In this era of high-valuation venture-backed startups, I strongly believe that real businesses have a plan for generating income.

Last year KoPoint generated almost all of its revenue from advertising. While selling politics and business-focused media inventory does work, it’s slow and difficult.

This year KoPoint will generate much of its revenue from community-focused ecommerce sites. Building revenue streams from large and passionate communities like KoPoint’s zombieand Minecraft blogs is both tenable and exciting! Blog and ecommerce-focused revenue also provides stability that allows us to focus on creating fresh shows.

Here’s the plan:

  • There’ll be no change from the current podcast schedule. Each weeknight KoPoint will continue to produce great audio and video podcasts. KoPoint will always create fantastic discussion-focused shows about news, politics, culture, and tech.
  • We’ve acquired the domain thezombieapocalypse.com and have associated it with the KoPoint zombie blog. The zombie blog has about 140 thousand followers on Tumblr and is growing by a rate of about one thousand followers per day. These folks are smart, creative, and highly engaged. Around this community we’ve built and will soon launch a forum and Shopify ecommerce store. The store will sell a smartly-designed t-shirt, a creepily-plotted ebook, and the official zombie apocalypse Bonfyre app. The shop, as well as details on each of these items, will be revealed soon.
  • Our shop is hosted by Shopify, and merchandising handled by Merchify. Analytics are, of course, provided the venerable analytics firm SumAll.
  • In March and April KoPoint will roll a short series of podcasts based on the ebook story, and begin soliciting user created t-shirt designs.
  • Through the first two quarters of 2013 we’ll replicate this process across KoPoint’s Minecraft and Comic Book properties.
  • Pending an in-progress series of conversations,  during the second half of 2013 KoPoint will explore entertainment licensing opportunities for our properties.

As KoPoint matures through our second year of artisanal media creation, the process of building a successful and scalable business becomes more necessary and also more exciting!

As always, we encourage you to contact us any time if you have any questions or comments about KoPoint, our business, or our content.

Thanks for listening.


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