The Murdoc Jones Show, EP 2 – Why is Travis Tritt Such an Asshole?

The Murdoc Jones Show, EP 2 – Why is Travis Tritt Such an Asshole?

Murdoc Jones used to be somebody: a morning drive DJ on the biggest rocknroll radio station in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota! Now, he hosts a podcast.

This week, Murdoc is joined by radio cohort and X-Rock morning drive co-host Kevin Morgan. The two discuss what it’s like to oil up with rocknroll bands at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and explain exactly why Murdoc hates Travis Tritt.


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Kevin and Murdoc swap concert industry stories from meeting artists, and record a post Mayan Apocalypse show. Help us figure out why Travis Tritt is the biggest asshole. Ever. And does Sully from Godsmack steal your energy when you’re in the room with him? Wicca or not – follow @murdocj

Thanks for listening.

Editorial Note: This episode – and the entirety of The Murdoc Jones Show – defines NSFW. Everything in this episode is, clearly, satire. Needless to say, however, the views and opinions expressed in this episode – especially those of Kevin (seriously, dude) – are not those of KoPoint, INC. or any of our associates. This program was recorded in South Dakota. Please forgive the accent and ignore the buffalo.

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