Welcome Back To KoPoint: 2013 and Beyond


Welcome back to KoPoint, and happy New Year!

2013 represents a second year for KoPoint content, people, and programs! During 2012, our inaugural ‘season’, KoPoint folks created a ton of great content and learned a lot about the spirit and business of independent media.

In 2012, KoPoint had a number of successes:

  • Together, in a 12-month period our producers created 145 full-length episodes of awesome podcast and radio content!
  • We severed several hundred thousand complete streams and downloads, and several million minutes listened.
  • We acquired and worked with some great tech startups as sponsors.
  • We covered events like the Democratic and Republican Conventions, TEDx NYC, and NYC Comic Con.
  • We interviewed an amazing array of guests, like John Bolton, Steve Wozniak, and Cory Doctorow.

KoPoint stumbled and learned, too! Over the course of the year, KoPoint cancelled almost a dozen shows. Some anticipated succeses bombed tremendously. Some business models are hard to scale. I personally learned a lot about how to look beyond personal content interests and focus on what the audience wants. I’m learning to be an assertive yet humble business person and producer.  I learned that hype and trends are best avoided in favor of clear and concise goals. This sounds simple in theory, but when running a business linear progression can be a challenge.

In next calendar year we intend to grow the brand and continue to create more interesting content. In 2013 KoPoint will:

  • Continue to create and distribute stellar audio and video shows. We will double-down on the most exciting and interesting content. Our strategy is to iterate shows and content by producing focused mini-seasons. KoPoint will continue to produce and acquire fresh content on a regular basis.
  • Shows that are recorded live-to-tape, like AFK On Air, will emphasize video elements and live programming.
  • We will foster and grow our vertical blogs, such as The Zombie Apocalypse. Along with our partners at SumAll, we will integrate vertical blogs with ecommerce and sell a few cool products.
  • To that end, in Q1 KoPoint will release a number of ebooks that contain structural and thematic hooks with our vertical blogs. The first ebook will be The Minecraft Book: The Essential Guide For New And Returning Players, followed by Tales from the Zombie Apocalypse in early Q2.
  • KoPoint News will continue to grow. We’ve partnered again with the Talk Radio News Service and will continue to report for news and talk radio from the UN and Washington DC.

KoPoint’s first year was about learning and growth. The second ‘season’ will be about epanding our line of great, compromise-free content and generating honest revenue with fun partners!

Thanks for listening.


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