Isn’t Life A Moment? | Digital Flotsam

Isn’t Life A Moment? | Digital Flotsam

PW Fenton

I’ve returned to an older way of creating shows. When I first started doing them, I would just start putting something together. I would decide when it was nearing completion if it had any kind of unifying theme. Usually it did. That’s when I would add the intro and outro. The whole show would seem like it was more planned than it actually was. The idea of “themes” was so successful the cart slowly passed the horse, and it evolved into a process where I would first come up with a theme and then struggle to support it with content. That made it much more difficult, and was one of the things that slowed down the frequency of releases. So I’m going to try and do them the original way. Maybe it will improve the rate at which they get done.

Today’s show contains lotsa cool independent music, and even a bit of “old media” music that I used sparingly under the “fair use doctrine” as in illustrative example.

“Message In A Bottle” (snippet) by The Police
“Rocker In A Rocker” by Dr. Oakroot
“Two Sisters” by Fiction Plane
“What! Not Another Greasy Spoon” by Hank Marr
“Someone Is Crazy” by Jonathan Coulton
“Derek Malone” by 3 Blind Mice

…and of course, as always, thanks to 3 Blind Mice for the great theme music.

The photograph attached to this episode was taken by Susan Bonkowski. The picture shows her then 99 year old grandfather playing his mandolin on the patio. My story about “The Police” made me think of him. He was my grandfather-in-law.

KoPoint on iTunes

Thanks for listening.

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