The Murdoc Jones Show, EP 1 – An Evening with Kevin Morgan

The Murdoc Jones Show, EP 1 – An Evening with Kevin Morgan

Murdoc Jones used to be someone. He has spent over a decade creating media in radio, digital, and print. 8 years after he should have, he decided to start a podcast – the Murdoc Jones Show. “He sure sounds handsome!” You’ll say after listening to 50 episodes. (note – 50 is an estimation)

The first show could only be done with my original co-host. On this episode we’ll figure out what and why the hell this podcast exists and how this red haired devil went from the Navy, to running in Spearfish, to running towards something, to running one of the most successful morning shows in South Dakota.

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Editorial Note: This episode – and the entirety of The Murdoc Jones Show – defines NSFW. Everything in this episode is, clearly, satire. Needless to say, however, the views and opinions expressed in this episode – especially those of Kevin (seriously, dude) – are not those of KoPoint, INC. or any of our associates. This program was recorded in South Dakota. Please forgive the accent and ignore the buffalo.

Thanks for listening.

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