Podcast: An Introduction to the Game of GO

An Introduction to the Game of GO

Doc Stodden and Dan Patterson for KoPoint.

GO: “Two minutes to learn; a lifetime to master.”

In which Doc and Dan discuss the basic history, mechanics, and proverbs of the ancient game of GO.

GO – wéiqí – has been played for generations with black and white stones on a 19 x 19 grid. For almost five thousand years, the rules and proverbs of GO have remained nigh-unchanged, yet the tactics are still evolving.

GO teaches logic, patience, and humility. For these reasons, the game has been played and studied for generations by emperors, generals, monks, and academics.

In this episode, our hosts explain the origins and mechanics of the game, and help us get started with the basics.

Learn More About GO:
– Read about the history of GO
– Download a comprehensive guide to GO
– Study GO proverbs

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The First Proverb of GO: A One-Stone Jump Is Never Bad.

Thanks for listening.

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