AFK On Air, EP 03 – Not Just For Kids

AFK On Air, EP 03 – Not Just For Kids

In the third episode of AFK On Air we discuss our favorite TV shows, movies, and other obsessions that may seem childish at first, but are often more complex and compelling than any adult would expect!

We saw Toy Story 3 in the theater. We obsess over Sailor Moon. We still have affection for Transformers (the toys and the cartoon, obviously).

Children’s entertainment has come a long way since Sesame Street first taught us the difference between “One flower!” and “Two, two flowers! HA HA HA.” Years ago, adults would never have thought to sit down to a self-proclaimed kids’ show when not in the presence of an actual child. But now, SpongeBob SquarePants has an avid adult fan base. Entire conventions are built around My Little Pony. And Pixar movies offer jokes that could not possibly be understood or even detected by little ones. So for whom is this entertainment really being created? Why are adult audiences so captivated by stories and characters that, at first glance, seem intended for ages five and under?


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