AFK On Air: Cosplay

This is AFK On Air: Obsessions explored; tropes dissected; geek questions answered.

Hosts: Stacey BrookLindsay JohnsonLauren PanepintoMichele Reznik, and Natalie Zutter

Lindsay: “There’s the I-made-this people, there’s the I-bought-this people, there’s the this-was-my-Halloween-costume-earlier-this-year people…”
Lauren: “There’s the I’m-naked people.”

Whether you’re embodying a comic-book heroine down to every piece of suggestively-placed spandex or presenting a new, unique take on a traditional character, it takes some ladyballs to cosplay. In AFK On Air’s second episode, we discuss the lure and rewards of creating your own costume for display, from hunting down the right jewelry to dealing with praise, criticism, and sometimes harassment for your final look. Some of our co-hosts regularly cosplay at conventions; others have dressed up only for Halloween. Join the discussion of the different types of cosplay, and learn what “Rule 63” means.

AFK On Air, EP 2 – Cosplay


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