American Conversation – Election Predictions

On this Election prediction special of KoPoint’s American Conversation, the veteran campaign predictors Doc and Dan discuss their predictions for the coming election. The two covered important current topics like:

How will the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy affect the Presidential Election?

What color will the battleground states ultimately be when the dust is settled?

What is the role of Social media and the 24 hour news cycle in modern elections and what are the prospects for the future of democracy in media?

Doc’s 2012 prediction:

Doc and Dan referred to tried and true poll analysis websites and

Doc also noted a site that a person can use to predict the outcome of the election and see how the Electoral college will come out at

Finally, both Doc and Dan wax nostalgic about our previous election prediction shows, the golden age of Creepy Sleepy, and why the Horse Race still matters.

Listen now to one of the best election prediction shows available by some of the most experienced election commentators in social media!

Download Audio: American Conversation, EP 14 – Election Predictions

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