Interviews Live From NYC Comic Con 2012 – KoPoint Comics, EP 16

Yes, Loyal Listeners, the spectacular KoPoint Comic Book Show podcast attended and reported from this year’s New York Comic Con. The KoPoint comic book team – including Jeff Newelt (in absentia), Jon Lazar, Megan Sass, Michele Reznik, and myself – buzzed the floor at booth 507 with our friends Hazarai and recorded a number of stellar interviews with comic book industry creators, publishers, and professionals.

We asked each comic book guest three questions:

  • What’s the most important collectable in your collection, and why?
  • What book or graphic novel would you recommend to someone new to the medium?
  • What cool projects are you working on right now?

Hazarai will soon publish individual audio and video clips from New York Comic Con. During the Con chaos, over the weekend I edited and processed the best of our interviews. These short clips are gathered together here in one epic episode.

Hope you dig the show.

Dan Patterson

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0:00:00 Open – KoPoint Sounder
0:00:03 Intro – KoPoint Comic Book Show
0:00:05 Bed – ‘Prey’ (Full)
0:00:07 Show Intro – Dan Patterson
0:04:18 Interview – Seth Kushner – Dan Patterson
0:10:20 Interview – Astro-Cons – Megan Sass
0:15:39 Interview – Natalie Zutter – Jon Lazar
0:21:50 Interview – Matt Hawkins – Dan Patterson
0:34:17 Pod Prod – KoPoint House
0:34:24 Interview – Ben McCool – Jon Lazar
0:43:05 Interview – David Lloyd, Antonino Bifulco – Dan Patterson
0:56:16 Interview – JT Waldman – Jon Lazar
1:04:41 Pod Prod – KoPoint House
1:04:05 Interview – Kagan McLeod – Michele Reznik
1:10:04 Interview – Lauren Panepinto – Dan Patterson
1:18:20 Interview – Jennifer Hayden – Jon Lazar
1:24:30 Interview – Danny Fingeroth – Megan Sass, Jon Lazar
1:38:20 Interview – David Hine – Jon Lazar
1:45:20 Interview – Cory Doctorow – Dan Patterson
1:56:29 Interview – Wayne Goldblatt – Dan Patterson, Jon Lazar
2:03:05 Outro – KoPoint Sounder

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