Interview with Rep. Tim Griffin of Arkansas

Marc interviewed Rep. Tim Griffin on Monday morning. Rep. Griffin is a rising star in the Republican Party (he is one of the lucky Monday speakers to be given a spot on Tuesday). He has had a very interesting career, ranging from being a legal advisor to George W. Bush’s team during the Florida recount in 2000, service as a Major in the U.S. Army, and a brief stint as a U.S. Attorney. He won the race for Arkansas’ 2nd congressional district in 2010.

In this interview, Rep. Griffin discusses the reasons he got back into political life after resigning as U.S. attorney in 2007, shares his views on Iran and Israel, and explains why his home state of Arkansas, Democratic since the Civil War, is now solidly red. He concludes by discussing his experience working under Karl Rove and shares his number one lesson for success in politics and life.

Unfortunately the sound quality of the recording is suboptimal, but you the listener will at least have a chance to hear some of the sounds of Radio Row.

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