The Campaign

This Friday I depart to cover the Republican and Democratic political conventions. On Monday from Tampa, Florida KoPoint will launch our first vertical site, American Conversation.

American Conversation is a political blog and podcast co-hosted by myself, Charles Hope, and Marc Lizoain. We’ll use this site to post news, podcasts, photos, and video live from the Republican and Democratic political conventions. We hope to provide a semi-real-time flow of news updates, as well as a behind-the-scenes take on what political conventions are really like. Our reporting is in conjunction with the Talk Radio News Service, a wire service for news radio stations across the country. We’re also inviting listeners to join the campaign conversation by answering quick Urtak questions, and by sharing SoundCloud audio stories.

American Conversation is also the launch program for KoPoint, Season II. In addition to our political reporting, through the fall KoPoint will release programs from new media thought leaders, live coverage from NYC Comic Con, and media from our trip to Southern Sudan.

This is my second general election. I covered the 2008 campaign as a broadcast radio reporter for the Talk Radio News Service. Social media tools like Twitter and Facebook were still niche and I spent a lot of time evangelizing the utility of “Twittering your Flickr.” Today the social web is robust and mature. While our team will work closely with the news and talk radio community, our reporting on American Conversation will be entirely web and social. Today we’ll still use Twitter, but our efforts will be augmented by Iffft and Instagram and Google+. Once again we’re using WordPress, but today the content scales and is hosted in the cloud.

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Most importantly,consumers have matured along with the web. I’m fortunate and excited to create content and carry a dialogue alongside a great team and great audience.

Ping me if you have any questions, and feel free to join in.



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