My name is Dan Patterson and I’m a broadcast journalist and technologist in New York City. This is my SoundCloud Community Fellowship audio introduction. I’d like your help in sending me and a small team of journalists to Darfur and Southern Sudan.

In October 2012 I will return to Southern Sudan and Darfur to report on the human rights crisis and the new state of Southern Sudan. I am credentialed at the United Nations via the Talk Radio News Service and will also visit several UN outposts in Juba, Southern Sudan. I would like to continue a story that began with a trip to the Sudan in 2008. Along with a group of talk radio hosts, I visited and reported live from some of the worst crisis areas using social and broadcast media. Our group purchased slaves deep in the bush, visited camps of Internally Displaced Persons, and interviewed Salva Kiir, the President of the breakaway nation. Fast-forward four years and Southern Sudan is an independent state and the war has intensified. In 2008 I used audio to tell the story and share the sounds of the people. With SoundCloud’s help, in October of 2012 I would like to follow up on the status of returned slaves, speak again with Salva Kiir, and tell the stories of the people of an emerging nation.
For details on this project please use the contact form on my website.


– Dan

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