Full Episode: http://kpnt.co/MhC5X9

Editor’s Note: This episode was recorded on the roof of our beloved Manhattan studio. Sadly, take-one was lost as our recording device (read: iPhone) over heated. The show, however, must go on! @JustJon and I moved to the shade, grabbed a new phone, and recored take-two. Hope you enjoy it! – DHP

It’s that time of year again for San Diego Comic Con, and after some technical issues, Dan and Jon take a look at all the big comic book and movie announcements coming out of SDCC. From Neil Gaiman’s return to Sandman to Marvel Now!, they review San Diego from New York. Here are a few of the big headlines from this year’s #SDCC:

Bonus: The KoPoint Comic Book Show quick review of The Amazing Spider-Man movie! Does Spider-Man swing? Dan and Jon give their take on the latest take on the web spinner.

    • Jon: Boo
    • Dan: Yay!

Did you love or hate the new Spider-Man movie? Vote Yes, No, Don’t Care on the KoPoint Urtak - » 

As always, subit future topics to the KoPoint Reddit.

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