KoPoint Content Updates

Big and fun changes are coming soon to KoPoint! I’m excited and proud to announce a few very cool content updates to the KoPoint network.

First, a few gracious ‘thank yous.’ I’ve never had more fun or been more busy than I have this year running KoPoint. KoPoint is privileged to be able to make great content with great people, and am backed by some great companies:

  • A big thanks to our hosts SumAll for allowing KoPoint to record from their beautiful Manhattan office and studio. SumAll makes a tool that helps small business owners better understand their customers. Their team and product couldn’t be cooler.
  • SoundCloud makes the audio product that I, as a podcaster, have always wanted. And SoundCloud has been a champion of KoPoint since Day One. Without them none of this would be possible.
  • Callisto.fm / the soon-to-be-rebranded Mediagauge is a TechStars graduate and new underwriter friend of KoPoint. Callisto.fm makes a fantastic metrics platform that all media publishers should be using.

Now, the news:

  • I’m thrilled beyond belief to welcome veteran content and podcast producers Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff, CC Chapman, PW Fenton, and Julien Smith to KoPoint! Individually, these guys are stand-out creators, thinkers, speakers, and gentlemen. I’m excited about what we can accomplish as a team.  I consider each of these guys good friends and I’m flattered by their willingness to work with KoPoint.
  • In August KoPoint will launch version 2.0 of our website. This site will be hosted in the Rackspace cloud and managed by ZippyKid. The site itself will put a greater emphasis on the audio consumption experience. We’re also going to include a few simple social and gaming features such as leaderboards, badges and awards, and groups.
  • Along with the Talk Radio News Service, in late-August and early-September KoPoint will attend and cover the Democratic and Republican national conventions in Charlotte and Tampa. We’ll be joined by Marc Lizoain of Urtak, and Charles Hope of Blip.tv and Rent the Runway to create content around election-year themes.
  • KoPoint is working with Sticher Radio as a part of their featured Election Center content producers.
  • We’re started exploring fundraising opportunities to help KoPoint return to Africa and South Sudan in the fall with TRNS. More on this TK soon.

So that’s the news. KoPoint’s summer has been busy, and there’s still so much work to do! Thank you very much for dialing in. Stay tuned.


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