Full Post: http://kpnt.co/KB3JtL

Originally recorded on June 25, 2012 at KoPoint Studios in NYC

Hosted by: Stuart Tracte  | Engineered by: Dan Patterson

This week, we go with the flow and chat with Hon. George Martinez & comedian Nato Green about the state of the Occupy Movement, the nature of government and big business, how to change the world one person and neighborhood at a time, and more! This was surely one of the best and most inspirational shows we’ve had the pleasure of producing in KoPoint Studios.  If you’ve never listened before, now is surely a good time to start.

To learn more about George and the BumRush movement, visit http://www.facebook.com/GeorgeMartinezforCongress and http://www.globalblock.org/

For all things Nato Green, please visit http://www.natogreen.com/ and be sure to buy his album here! You’ll laugh your ass off!

Vote for your top news stories on the KoPoint Reddit.

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