If you read comic books during the 1990’s, you read Wizard: The Guide to Comics. And if you read Wizard, you laughed at the witty retorts and letters-c0lumn banter filed each month by  Jim McLauchlin. Wizard, now defunct, was the barometer of hip in the comic book industry for half a generation. If Wizard set the agenda for the comic book industry for the 1990s, Mr. McLauchlin’s reports were it’s narrative.  And that narrative was hilarious. The former editor and senior writer also provided a much-needed sense of levity at a time of doom and gloom in the comic book industry.

Upon leaving the magazine in the early 2000s, Mr. McLauchlin be went to work for Top Cow Productions, a well-known publishing entity within theImage Comics umbrella.

Today, Mr. McLauchlin works closely with the Hero Initiative, a not-for-profit agency organization that acts as a “financial safety net” for comic book creators. This

In this episode of the KoPoint Comic Book Show, co-host Dan Patterson talks with Mr. McLauchlin about making the transition from sports writing to comic books, his career at Wizard, the Hero Initiative, and the changing nature of the comic book industry.

Download Audio: KoPoint Comics, EP 012 – Interview with Jim McLauchlin of the Hero Initiative

Full Post: http://kpnt.co/LXg523

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