Full Episode: http://kpnt.co/Lfb0BU

On this episode, Brian and Pablo chat with fellow iOS developer Philip Bowden about WWDC rumors and tips for first timers, upgrades for Mac products across the board, MacBook Air vs MacBook Pro, Google Maps App vs Apple’s Map App, etc. Also, what should developers consider when developing apps for Apple TV?

Our live listener @starmike weighs in on Twitter:

Links discussed on this week’s Big Apple App Guys show:

    • If You’re going to WWDC, here’s the link for the pilgrimage bus ride  http://tinyurl.com/pilgrimsignup to Cupertino on Sunday June 10th. There are still seats left on the 3PM bus.
    • Apple’s recent commercial features Zooey Deschanel asking Siri a plethora of her typical quirky questions, prompting the creation of this Twitter accountwww.twitter.com/ZooeySiri

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Voice Your Opinion:
Answer our WWDC Urtak polls https://urtak.com/u/31361 and see how others voted.

Note: This episode was recorded live to tape, as well as streamed live via the +KoPoint Google+ page.

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