The Big Apple App Guys, EP 009 – Drop That Pin

In which Brian and Pablo discuss the alleged removal of Google Maps in iOS, speculate on Google’s role in iOS 6 and whether the Youtube app is the next Google-powered app to get replaced by an AppleTV app, Google Chrome coming to iOS, the rumored ultra-thin 15-inch Macbook Pro, possible reasons for omitting the iBooks reader on OS X, discuss the positive and negative implications of a 7″ iPad, and Yahoo’s forgotten role in powering the Weather app.

Here are the links discussed on this week’s Big Apple App Guys show:

Apple to drop Google Maps in iOS 6

Apple readies revamped 15-inch MacBook Pro: Retina Display, ultra-thin design, and super-fast USB 3

Google Chrome coming to iOS

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2 thoughts on “The Big Apple App Guys, EP 009 – Drop That Pin

  1. Sweet, if Apple wants lose out what it can gain working WITH Google i’m all for it, With Steve Jobs gone Apple has been making mistake after mistake, they’re goin down anyways but they’re just accelarating it. For instance, you can get Droid OS on alot of different phones, even non contract phones, and it works great, an iPhone does less, is less compatible with other services and systems, and apple sells them for $600 (currently?) and my understanding is either YOU pay it up front or your carrier does and you pay for it in your contract. What sense does that make? They’re already far behind Google and don’t even know, only thinking keeping Apple afloat is that they’re customers are obsessed with being trendy and with Jobs gone so is the genius behind it. Bye Bye Apple,

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