KoPoint Shows, Season One

KoPoint just accomplished one of our first major content-focused goals. We produce shows in ‘seasons’ of six episodes. Yesterday The KoPoint Comic Book Show reached episode 006, concluding our first successful season. Co-hosted by Jeff NeweltJon Lazar, and myself KoPoint Comics was our first produced and syndicated show and was first to reach it’s season milestone. KoPoint Weekly and The KoPoint Minecraft Project will reach similar goals this week.

Prior to launch I asked for advice from a number of smart folks seasoned in media, news, and tech.  One theme resonated consistently: “be focused in what you need to do to reach your goals, but be flexible enough to accomplish them.” Over the past eight weeks we’ve produced, edited, and mixed together a number of human and technical elements. The result has been a fun and diverse program stream.

KoPoint co-produces and distributes the weekly news and politics program  Beer Diplomacy, which will reach episode 100 next week. The Big Apple App Guys launched a few weeks prior to partnering with KoPoint and are now entering their third month of iOS coverage.

We’ve partnered with Gina Smith‘s A New Domain to produce a twice-weekly short tech news program called The Report: Tech News and Geek Culture.

KoPoint’s first ‘beta’ program, The KoPoint Political Explainer launched at the opening of the year with coverage of and live reports from the early primary process. The Political Explainer will return periodically with updates on the 2012 presidential campaign, co-hosted by our resident academic Doc Stodden, journalist Jack Rice, and myself.

Most weeknights, as the sun sinks, KoPoint hosts and guests arrive at our Soho studio. We try to follow a loose recording schedule, and our mics roll until almost midnight. Shows are edited and mixed by myself and Doc the following morning.  The show production process threads through the week. Our content producers all trade links via email, our Evernote group, and the recently-launched KoPoint Links site. We share raw elements audio using Dropbox and Google Drive.

I want KoPoint to grow, and I want KoPoint to grow organically. Creating great content begins with great people. Over the past eight weeks the KoPoint Studio – provided by SumAll – has become a warm place for talented people to produce great content. The season model allows our team collaborate on manageable projects, to emphasize what works, and quickly kill what doesn’t. I’m really excited and proud to work with a team of great producers in such a wonderful space.

Thanks for listening and stay tuned,


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